Hollins University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Our school is best known for acceptance of people with different sexual preferences and people of all genders. It is also known for educating people on such things, as well as encouraging students to become leaders in a world where females are considered lesser. Leadership and independent thinking are encouraged- and many leave feeling stronger than before and are better able to handle themselves in the work place than they feel that they would have if they had gone anywhere else.


The creative writing program. Margaret Wise Brown, the author of "Goodnight Moon," was a Hollins alum. Annie Dillard is another writer who graduated from there.


Hollins is best knwn for its creative writing programs and its horse riding programs.


For their creative writing program.


Its creative writing MFA program.


The creative writing program and the equestirian team. Bot are excellent.


riding and writing


Hollins is known best for its creative writing program and english faculty. Also, Hollins has an innovative and famous modern dance program.


For the most part students can do well (after grad) in whatever field they majored in. Creative writing is the best know major with amous grads ranging from Annie Dillard to Margaret Wise Brown. The sciences are also strong with most pre-med and pre-vet students getting their top choices for med/vet schools.


Writing and Riding (horses). Lesbians and art.


It's best known for its alumni.