Hollins University Top Questions

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Hollins offers horse riding programs on campus, and campus is like its own neighborhood.Everyone who attends Hollins, loves Hollins.


Hollins is a private, liberal arts school for women. It has a term called J-Term or Short Term in which students are allowed to be an intern somewhere, go on a trip either in the country or out of the country, or stay on campus and take one class a week. This time period gives students the opportunity to get some experience in their field of study to see if that's really what they want to do!


We are a small private school where lots of close knit relationships form. It's a beautiful campus full of beautiful people.


Very small and slow moving. Dead on weekends, lack of social life.


First of all it is an all womens school which is unique compared to many of the institutions in Virginia. There are also many traditions at Hollins that have been pasted down from over 100 years of past Hollins women that give it its quirky and personal feel. Along with being an all female institution Hollins is also a small school with less than 1,000 students and this creates an atmosphere where everyone is more comfortable with each other and there surroundings. Hollins is truely unique.