Hollins University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The small class sizes are a plus. They make you feel like you're accountable for your work in a group project. The teachers will definitely notice if you are slacking off and skipping, and they will ask you to get on track. If you need out-of-class assistance, I have never met a professor that said no. They like chatting with their students and getting feedback. The general atmosphere of the classes are fun and informative. The classes are something I really like at this school.


The fact that I was able to enjoy myself AND still make a's and graduate on time. I loved living on campus, no worries about being late for class. Even thought I didn't have many friends, I made one of the closest friends for life. Also, the campus is gorgeous and the teachers are great!


I brag about how many cute and diverse lesbians and bisexuals we have at our all girls school. Most of the people are accepting and non-judgemental. People are open to experiencing new things, and the campus is full of nice girls.


I love the atmosphere. I am a stay at home mom of three, and boy was I nervous about making this leap, but I felt so comfortable at the orientation I knew that was where I needed to be.


It is a all women school, so it's totally safe.


I brag about the small classes! I am not just a number here. All of my professors know me by name and there are professors here who invite you to their houses or eat out with their classes. There is also the BEAUTIFUL campus. I love fall here in the Roanoke Valley because the leaves are breathtaking. There is a creek nearby and the mountains in sight. Its so easy to pick up your friends and go for a hike and take pictures here. Its always maintained and kept clean too.


I love the location and the size of my school. Also the professors are great, I have yet to meet one I didn't like.


Hollins has a day called "Tinker Day," where on a surprize day in October, classes are cancels, and the entire school hikes up a mountain in weird outfits to sing songs and eat chicken. Also the atmosphere is really appropriate for the artistic spirit, with lots of insiration available.


That Margaret Wise Brown, who wrote Good Night Moon, graduated from my school.


I like to tell my friends about how great our library and teachers are.


The independent exam system we have as well as a completely student run government system. With independent exams, you can leave earlier for breaks. The student run government system takes care of everything from honor court violations to appealing parking tickets. They take student concerns and then do something with that. All discussion based classes, with on average 10 students per class is also something i like to brag about.


The small size of the student body (only 800) and the close relationships you cultivate with your professors and friends.


The small class size, development of one-on-one time talking to professors, the close-knit social community, my fantastic group of friends, and the opportunities for creativity in classes.