Hollins University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any young woman who wants a strong education, a great support system, and friends that will last a lifetime.


A person who is very open to being surrounded by people from many different places and many different backgrounds. Someone who is willing to deal with the slightly whacky traditions that can be found here. Someone who is creative and open to new experiences.


Anyone interesting in a whole new prospective on the world. The arts at Hollins University are wonderful, dance, studio arts, and literary arts, as well at flim and photography are all great programs. Women studies, sociology, and and history classes at Hollins help students grow opinions on the past, present, and future of their society.


Liberal women.


Someone who is very open to new experiences and has a thirst for knowledge.


A quirky person with their own sense of identity who likes having a community but not a clique-ish feel.


Someone who doesn't mind the thought of going to an all girls' school. Someone focused. You will fit in a lot more easily if you have liberal views.


Any women/girl that wants an environment that is laid back and open to any lifestyle. Hollins has so many different types of people that anyone could fit just as long as they get up and involve themselves.