Hollins University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are not willing to speak to professors and ask for help should not attend this school. The professors are kind, but if you do not ask them for help when you need it, there is less that they can do to help you. People who are not accepting of others who have different sexual preferences or identify as anything but cisgendered should also not come to this school.


Anyone who can't seriously imagine being happy at an all girls school. That's what it is, and you have to be accepting of that, or you're going to get involved in a lot of drama.


Girls who want a co-ed environment should not attend this school, as all our undergraduates are female. Students desiring a large student population would not enjoy intimacy of our 800-undergrad campus. It is in the mountains in rural Roanoke, so girls who want urban surroundings should not attend Hollins.


In order to go to Hollins you have to be open minded to many different types of people. If you dislike people from foreign countries, other races, or homosexual people, then Hollins is not the place for you. We accept everyone, other than men, because we're an all girls school. But, we treat everyone here equally and do not treat them differently because of their sexual history, racial or ethnic background.


Very conservative. not open minded


Conservatives will have a hard time adjusting to this school.