Hollins University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Hollins University is a feeling of comfort and acceptance. Some people attending the school would disagree, such as a friend of mine speaking for the POC students, but the setting was always somewhere that I could relax. Perhaps the reason why is the mixture of country and town for the campus with the city portion of Roanoke easily within reach.


The best part about Hollins is the sisterhood and the sense of community you get from being on campus.


Hollins University is a beautiful campus and looks like it could belong in a movie. The small population and it being one of the few woman's colleges left makes it a unique college. Everyone is friendly including the famous squirrels. The professors know you by your name and you can see the president of the university weekly. The learning atmosphere is amazing as well as the opportunities. Our most famous tradition is Tinker day when the students and faculty dress in crazy costumes and climb Tinker mountain. At the top we play skits and have a cookout.


Our school is exciting and tries new things constantly. We're in the process of going green, and that's a really big deal to our students. We're also very open to new opportunities, people, and things. Hollins takes in many different types of women, and puts them in an atmosphere where they can be themselves, and teach others about their lives and culture. We have people from all over the world in our school. I'd say in short that I love it because they love me.


The best thing about my school is the extremely supporting environment we have. The professors really care about you and want you to succeed; they'll do whatever it takes in order to make your education the best it can be. I can't count how many times they've saved me from utter disaster this past semester.


I think that our school is elite school because it is all women school. It brings out the feeling that all of girls come here will become a elite woman with special education and special environment.


The concentration of ambitious girls here. If they arent involved with volunteering, a club, an arts department, or student government, they are focusing hard on their studies. I also love knowing most of my class by name and enjoying meals and school held activities, like Tinker day, Ring Night, and Seasonal festivals, with many different groups of people. Hollins is very welcoming.


That it's all women. I prefer being with women than men, and it helps me feel more comfortable living on campus.


The best thing about my school is the community. I love the people here. Almost everyone is super accepting and loveable. That's what I needed when I left home. And the people here have helped me accept who I truely am.


The resoureces, people, and academic programs.


How open everyone is.


The people, prof go out of their way to help us learn and reach our goals. Students are supportive of one another, we really do want to see one another reach our goals. Most of the admins are willing to listen to students and know us by name. Small community allows us to get to know one another on a personal level.


The classroom setting. The teachers and students respond incredibly well to each other and the class sizes are perfect.