Holy Cross College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would have tried to apply myself more but overall i am very pleased with how i finished high school and how my first semester of college has gone. I chose this school because of basketball and i know i made the right choice because i really enjoy the small school aspect. It was easy to adapt to the transition from high school to college because of the small school since i am from a small high school. I would say to myself not to stress about college because it is a totally different experience and you are independent. You will make the right choice and it will be fun.


I've always taken popularity for granted, but when I got into Holy Cross everthing changed. Being non-religious, entering a Catholic College change my outlook on how I did things, socially, and emotionally. After the two years I have completed at Holy Cross, I have learned more in the two years, and met the most amazing people, than the last 15 years of my life. Everybody at Holy Cross College is very friendly and care to learn more about someone else, than talk about themself. Even the professors are there to encourage and give you first hand experience on life. They will give you real life examples and tell you straight forward how things happen and the best way to go about things. They are personal, so if you need to talk they are there. My mother just got removed from her job at Notre Dame, and my business professor helped us through the situation and make sure everything would be ok. Now the financial aid staff is doing their best to help me go there this upcoming semester. The teamwork and understanding every person, staff, and faculty member has is very overwelmingy and couldn't ask for more.


I have gained far more from my experience at Holy Cross college than I could have even fathomed prior to admittence. My teachers have pushed me beyond previous constraints. I am no longer limited due to ill time management and unprepared pursuits. After a year at Holy Cross college, I honestly feel as though I have been pulled to a vocational calling. It is in the past year, my life long interest in science has been put to the test. I have taken rigorous Biology and Chemistry courses despite being a dual Psych/English major. This has been to easy task, as I am enrolled in upperclassman Child psychopathology and Physiology courses in Psychology as well. I have a dream of being a Doctor, yes the kind that helps people. Obtaining an M.D Has been my most recent long term goal, and I feel as though it is quite fitting. I enjoy clinical aspects of research, and Some of my favorite authors are Clinical geneticists, and cutting edge neuroscientists such as Douglas fields. I forsee myself in a lab doing research to reduce human sufferring. Are you in support of my life long dream for the pursuit of science?