Holy Family University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Dedicated to helping the student succeed.


Holy Family University has an excellent reputation for providing a high quality education, support to students and the community.


Seeking direction and inspiration from the life and teaching of Jesus, affirming the values of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and witnessing the dignity of each person and the oneness of the human family, Holy Family University, a Catholic University and a ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, located in the norheast of Philadelphia , offers education in the liberal arts and professions through graduate, undergraduate, and non-degree programs and envisions learning as a dynamic and fruitful exchange between traditional sources of wisdom and contemporary developments in knowledge, which makes it stand out well among other universities


Holy Family University is a great school, and provides many opprotunities for success.


Holy Family University is the college in which I attend. Holy Family is like a second home to me, it is very close knit community. You can always count on someone to be there and listen to you or help you when you are in need.


Holy Family University is a small community that tries to have all students achieve their own personal goals that are intune with their personality and chosing a major that they love.


Holy Family University is very academically demanding than other Universities in the area, thus many students are unable to have a social life, but when we graduate we will be more knowledgable about our fields due to the high emphasis on education.


Holy Family is a developing university that excels in certain fields and needs improvement in others; however, the student community is very friendly and most of the teachers are very intelligent with an honest enthusiasm to teach us as students and prepare us for the real world.


Holy Family University is a school for students who are driven, responsible, well-rounded, and hard-working.


It is a very good school to get a job out of, and they have job placement to help you find the best job for you.


this school is perfect match for eveyone .


It is a fairly small campus with plenty of resources to provide garanteed success.


My school is a smaller university that has a frendly, family atmosphere where everyone really looks out for each other.


Very motivating to do well in my profession

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