Holy Family University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


As an international student, the sports facilities and the small class sizes are the things I appriciate the most about this school. The students get the opportunity to work closesly with the Professors in a familiar environment, to achieve the best results they can. Having classes with sometimes only 5-6 students gives us time for one-on-one converstions and really make our experience authentic. As an athlete I need to balance both sports and school works; the support I receive from the athletic staff makes this easy. Here students are encouraged to do their best in every field.


The academics and the small classroom sizes.


The professors are always willing to help and provide all the necessary tools.


Because the school is small everyone seems to know one another and chances are you will be in the same classes. I have made many friends at the school and we socialize after school hours. The teachers here are easy to have one on one relationships with,which helps a lot if you need any extra help. I am a Nursing student and Holy Family has an excellent curriculum and opportunity for hands on learning with state of the art simulation rooms.


When I brag to my friends the topic of conversation is usually my inability to pay for college and as a result the stress. Holy Family's grading rubric is very strict, more like grad-school level. It certainly puts a lot of pressure on the student to do well and to always push a little harder. I also brag about the inconvenience of evening classes for my major. Because it is not an abundant major, not many classes are offered per semester to Criminal Justice students, thus making graduation difficult as one has to find alternative such as online.


I enjoy the personal attention to detail that is expereinced at holy familly. It is wonderful to be able to speak to persons on a phone, rather then a computer or automated directory.


The small classes and the location of the school is near the city and also near the suburbs.


What I brag about most when I tell my friends about my school would probably be the campus. Our campus has so much to offer. We have dances, job fairs and we even have a money collecting machine. Every one day during a semester this machine is brought out and gives the kids a chance to win free money. We have contests where all you have to do is answer a question to win something. If students cannot answer a question, the host would whisper it in their ear. it's a fun way to get to know people.


The school is a great school to attend you will recieve a great education ,the instructors are nice and caring ,and overall the quality is great.


I brag most about how my school is so professional. they are top rated and well respected. My school has great spirt and will love all who come to it. this school is a family they give u support and help with all you need.


When I talk to my friends about Holy Family University, I tell them how beautiful the campus is. I also talk about how many wonderful things I have heard about the staff at Holy Family University, and how wonderful the student body is.


The quality of education is outstanding and If you graduate from Holy Family University. It mostly proves that I can be a full competent nurse in the working field.


Registering and scheduling yourself for classes is easy. Teachers and advisors have your best interest at heart, not money. The school is expensive, but in the end it is worth it. Faculty and staff are flexible and available for you if needed.


The Great Education Program. The hard grading system. The small class sizes. Great field experience thoughout college.


In general, most people are polite and nice. Most of the professors are supportive and really care about students on an academic and personal level.


I brag that my school is close to home, easy to get to, and it is a safe environment.


Small classrooms and many teachers are available to help students who need it. You meet alot of people and can make very close friends

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