Hood College Top Questions

Describe the students at Hood College.


My classmates are mostly hard-working and dedicated individuals.


Each student expresses themselves in such a unique and dynamic way; helpful and kind, and easy to get along with.

Dana Lee

We don't really have many opportunities to interact with one another during class.


My classmates are friendly, caring, and very smart.


My classmates at hood college are smart, outgoing, creature, and never giving up.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful. Some of them are very lazy and unchallenging; however, the rest is very smart and studious. In general, I have to say that my classmates are very hardworking. The library is packed during late nights and final week. Students are also very athletic. There are several sport teams on campus as well as sporty events.


My classmates are helpful, kind, focused and supportive.


The students at Hood college are very studious, ambitious, devoted and determined in their classes and extracurricular activities. They constantly work hard and strive to acheive outstanding grades. Hood College students are friendly, encouraging and helpful towards their peers and always maintain excellent connections with the professors. The students at Hood College always try their level best and never fail to make the professors proud. They are hard-working students who try to acheive high-level grades and achievement. In addition, Hood students apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to outside situations.


Diverse student body allows for diverse persective and interesting class discussions


A variety of socio-economic backgrounds and ideals.