Hood College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We have a tradition of the "Hood Hello." This tradiation waas created to have a friendly campus. Everyone time I walked passed someone we would say hello or hey. It was our way to create a relationship between everyone on campus.


Having one of the highest paid presidents in comparison to the school's anual budget


We're pretty small, so we're not known for very much, but we're one of the top private colleges for education majors and a highly ranked school for the northeastern area.


I think Hood College is best known for the high quality of education that they offer to their students.


My school is best known for its small class sizes, friendly environment, beautiful campus and professors who are approachable, friendly and caring.


My school is best known for its very friendly atmosphere, the historic area that it is located in and for its very small size which is beneficial. For example, I prefer smaller class sizes because learning is much more engaging.


Hood College is best known for its excellent liberal arts education in a small setting. Students get to know professors, class sizes are small, and college is in an excellent location near Baltimore and Wash DC.


Hood, being a liberal arts college, is known best for it's excellent music, language, law, and biology programs. There is a large amount of biology students who go on to work at Fort Detrick, which is right down the road. It used to be an all women's college until it went co-ed about six years ago. Also, our college is the location of "one of the most haunted places in maryland" : Broadbeck Music Hall.


The close community atmosphere. It is a school that feels like home, and is a small campus so you get more attention with professors and they have more time to help you in each class. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, its right in Frederick so shopping areas are not far away and you can walk to a few stores and restaruants if you please. The campus is beautiful and neatly constructed, friendly campus overall.


being a small, friendly liberal arts college - students and faculty are like family on campus and we all work together to provide a safe, fun learning environment. hood college is also a great place to be smart!


Hood College is a small, beautiful campus. The class sizes are small so you get to have more student participation and you can get to know your professors. I have not had a professor here that I did not like.


Hood College is best known for providing a solid education for all graduates in an atmosphere of small classrooms where professors are more focused on the progress of each, individual student.


Hood is known mainly for it's history. It was founded in 1893. They are very good sports programs and academics.


Hood College is best known for the college that people have never heard of.


I think the academics and small class size. Athletics is getting there.


My school is best known for its Education programs.


Hood College is known as a very prestigious school. Also for having very friendly and helpful staff. The professors along with other staff are all willing to do everything they can to see you succeed. Students at Hood College are known to be some of the more advanced students in the county. Hood College is also known for its Campus Activities. One thing I love the most about Hood is that there is always something fun to do. They will run activities on the weekends like Bingo night or dances.


Relatively small, private liberal arts college, with outstanding tradition and faculty-student-administration interpersonal interaction. Academics in small classes, at nearby resources, and with life/study skills support are outstanding. Friendly, student-centered environment. A former all-women's college, current student population is ~80% women. NCAA Division III sports. Very nice town with historic immigration and colonial heritage. Great combo of cosmopolitan and fresh air. Located ~1 hour from Baltimore, <2 hours from Washington, DC, <1 hour from mountains and civil war sites. School has excellent reputation nationwide, highly accredited.


I am not exactly sure what my school is best known for, although I could make a couple guesses. My first guess would be how community friendly it is, let alone the friendly campus atmosphere and my second guess would be that it use to be an all girls school.


My school was built in 1893, so it is known for its academics and how old it is.


Our school is known for the fairly high level of education provided to its students. It is a tradition oriented college with some widely desired professors.


It was a girl's school untill 2003.


use to be an all girls school.


Private liberal arts school with small classes.


It used to be a women's college, so typically it is well known for that.


Education and Science departments.


The school is best known for it's small classes and quality of education and proffesors.


Because Hood was an all-girls' school up until a few years ago, a lot of people poke-fun at Hood and call it a "lesbian college.? It?s a silly stereotype that will probably always surround anyone who goes there and doesn't bother me. Beyond that, Hood's known for being a small, liberal arts college.


Hood would be best-known for being one of the last all-women's Colleges in America. Hood became a co-ed college only 11 years ago, with men living on campus 5 years ago. The most common perception of Hood is still that it is an all-women's college to those unfamiliar with the area.