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The school has a small, family feel to it. You won't walk to class without seeing a friend or at least someone you know. The professors also really care about the students here. They are always open to talk and help with any problem that the student may be having.


There is a large community feeling at the school. We have a tradition called the "Hood Hello." This means that every student has some form of saying hello to anyone they pass, whether it is physically speaking, smiling, or waving. People go out of their way to introduce themselves and stick together with the friends they've made.


nicely situated within the center of town.


Hood College is unique because we are a diverse community of friends that has turned into a big family. There is a place for everyone on campus-- whether it's with LARPers or in the gym. Hood is unique because it is where diverse views are not only expressed but also accepted. There are many opportunities for students to make the most out of their Hood experience, and Hood leaves it up to us, the students, to take a hold of those opportunities. Hood is now my home, and I've grown into who I want to be here.


Hood is a wonderful school. They helped alot with my learning disability. They helped me find myself wanting to finish school and get my degree. Giving up was never an issue at this school. They pushed me to try my hardest. I feel like they are my second home. The professors and students are a great positive group of people. The atmosphere at Hood is an outgoing, clean, positive, and caring school. Academics are number one for students and not sports; Sports are second. When I need help with any academic paper, aid assist is there on campus to help.


The most interesting characteristic of Hood College is the fact that the campus has the feel of a country setting while the city of Frederick is developing around it. There is total peace and quiet on campus, yet there is plenty to see and do off of the campus.


Hood is a very small school with such a friendly atmosphere. The teachers truly care about you here. They take time out of thier personal lives to help you when ever you need it. The teachers want to see me succeed in life. Also, all the students really care about each other and are willing to help out or lend a helping hand. At Hood, it is easy to get invovled in many clubs and organization. Hood makes you feel part of a family.


I did not consider other schoold.


All the staff members are dedicated to the success of the students. There is a certain passion you see that is unmatched by any other college.


Hood has many traditions at the school. Also, the school has a very interesting history and is more than a hundred years old. Many describe the school as having charm which it does.


Hood College is unique in many ways. We have numerous traditions and events that are highly participated in yearly. We begin every school year with opening convocation where President Volpe welcomes all of the new and returning students. Shortly after the annual Margaret Hood Ball is held. One of the most well-known thing throughout campus is the pergola. It sits right in the middle of the campus and the most important rule is to never split the poles with whoever you are walking with.


I liked the idea of Hood College's small size. It is also very close to my home and I can visit my family almost whenever I desire too. I live on campus but it is nice to know that i have family nearby in case I have an emergency. The school also has my intended major and I was very happy to find out that such a convenient location for my major existed.


Hood college is one of only two 4 year colleges in the Frederick area. The other Mount Saint Mary's is a highly religious school which I did not ever consider. For a non-religious education Hood is the closest and best choice that does not involve a significant commute. In addition, the school is dedicated to racial and ethnic diversity among both students and staff, and has very strong environmental responsibility. It's convenient location in a small city make Hood College unique in this community.


The uniqueness about my school is the location (perfect for a commuter student in Frederick) and the initimate class settings. The class sizes are set up were a student vs. professor can get to know each other by name and face as well as encourages one to excel with learning.


How small the school is but how big the school spirit is among th estudents


Hood is a very small but very energetic school. It is a place where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. The downtown area is close by walking and D.C. and Baltimore are not far away. Hood is unique because of it's placement. It is also unique becuase you have such a great bond with your professors. You are never a number here, and realtionships are always great.


Hood College is unique because it is a college that is extremely welcoming to newcomers and new freinds and oppurtunities. Also the students can easily become connected to each other just by having something in common; they can easily rely on each other in and out of the classroom. Also it is a campus rich in tradition, and friendship, and most importantly, it is simply a great place to be smart.


I find Hood unique in that it is truly a liberal arts college. It is a great school if you wish to not only learn skills to navigate the work world, but if you want to learn how to think critical and analyze any thing throughly, Hood is the place for great minds to develop.


It had a friendly setting. The people were nice. The campus was amazingly beautiful. I felt at home here. :) The professors were very personable. The students I spoke to told me that the professors were accessible and always ready to help. Hood also has one of the best science programs in the East Coast.


Here, at Hood College, the student body is not treated as a minor, but rather an adult. Hood College recognizes that we are all adults and we can be responsible. We are free to make our own decisions here, the college is just our guid.


There are a lot of international students, creating a diverse student body. Most students live on campus. Living situations are not oriented by age group; freshmen and seniors might live on the same floor. Professors are very invested in students and their success. It is common for professors to work with students on independent study projects. The career center is very helpful and most students complete internships throughout college, even freshman. Students are still far more interested in environmental conservation than the college is. Sometimes it's hard to acheive progress when students are in disagreement with the administration.


Hood is a very accepting school, all of the students go out of their way to help others and everyone basically knows everyone.


Female empowerment. More chances for personable learning experiences due to small school size.


The size and the atmosphere.


The fact that teacher are very involved in the studnets life. You are a person to them not a number like in big public universities. The profesors actually get to know you.


Small classes, small school, in the heart of frederick.


I think the school size and intimate atmospher is the most unique thing about hood college.


Hood College was the first school that tailored my campus visit to my needs. It was an amazing experiance that allowed me to stay on-campus with future teammates over, see the campus, and learn about Hood. This makes Hood unique, as this is the only school I have ever seen so committed to the incoming classes. Also, Hood is rich in campus tradition. Many events revolve around the new freshman, and seniors. These events have been going on for over 100 years!