Hood College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How much fun the classes are and how much I love my professors. Most of my friends complain about their classes but I have yet to have a class or professor I didn't like.


Easy: the professors. Hood has a great staff. Our professors are knowledgeable, respected, and often a pleasure to learn from. With a small school, they are very accessible, too.

Dana Lee

I brag about how helpful my teachers are. In addition, there are friendly people and the dorms are nice.


Usually about how nice the campus is, how friendly everyone is, and how the professors are amazing and willing to help you.


When bragging about Hood College, which I do alot, I always mention the super friendly enviornment. I also make sure I mention how willing everyone on the campus is to help you. If someone doesn't know the exasct answer, they will find someone who does. Hoods small campus allows one to really develop a great professional relationship with their professors and peers, which is very helpful in the college experience.


The prestige of the college. Its is much tougher than most colleges and is a private school.


In the beginning I was scared that there was not going to be anyone that shared a strong personality similar to mine. Believe it or not, it only took a couple ice breaker games for these girls to admit that they too were also scared to show their true personalities in a new environment. In the end, orientation brought us four together, our four different but similar personalities started a friendship. Throughout this experience our different backgrounds intertwined with each others goals . These people now surrounding me have helped me in a way to adjust to my new life journey.


I don't brag about Hood, I do not like the college I feel like it is more like high school than college.


The thing I brag about my school to my friends is the great community and the countless activites you can do on campus.


I brag about the fact that I can sit down and have one on one's with the Dean of Students even when it's not academic related because she is a wonderful person with a beautiful soul.


The high academic standards, the fact that it's a private school, the crazy amount of friends I have made there, the wonderful biology labs, the old architecture, our library, and the awesome professors.


Hood College is a great college that there is just so much to tell about. Hood has a great science building equipped with new technology, everything a science major student like me loves. The campus itself is neatly kept clean and there are many trees from different species, which makes fall and spring a spectacular showcase of colors. All of the professors are very dedicated to all of their students. I like the close interaction I receive from all of my professors. The classes are challenging making us reach our greatest potential.


I love the intimacy of Hood College. Everyone goes out of their way to help each other out and the professors' genuinely care about individual student success. Hood sets it's standards high because it knows each student can meet that standard with hard work, which will lead so successful careers and enriched lives. The campus is a beautiful and homely place where students can enjoy each others' company while working hard to become prepared for life. After all the hard work, students can enjoy a little play time in beloved Frederick that has everything you might need.


When I brag about Hood College I tell my associates that attending the private institution has the advantage of obtaining individualized instruction because of its smaller class size. The instruction is current, the professors care a teaching, and they show genuine concern about their students. My first semester, which was challenging and demanding, set the tempo for what was to follow.


There is always a feeling of home when you get to Hood. The faculty always greet you with a smile, and the majority of the professors are great.


I brag about the relationships I am gaining from working with my professors. Some of my professors I meet with after class truly help me in any way the can. It is refreshing to know that teachers still care about their students and don't just do what is expected to earn a pay check.


small, united school


It is a great school to further your development.


The class size and school spirit


I feel that Hood's small campus and small class sizes are what is best about it. It is very personal and they give you a lot of attention to new students, even transfer.


With my school, the thing I brag about most often is the size of the campus. I like that class sizes are about the same as they were in high school and you feel like an individual, not another person in a huge lecture hall. It's not hard to get to know a lot of people on campus and have a wide variety of friends.


The honor code.


The Traditions at Hood are deeply rooted in the college, which was established in the 1800's. It used to be an all women's school, but now the student population is about 60/40 women/men. One major tradition that Hood is based on is the pergola, a giant vine-encompased walk through in the center of the campus, where it is said that friends cannot "split the poles" with other friends or they will no longer be friends when they graduate.