Hood College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Hood College? Why?


Not very accomadating to transfer and commuters. As someone who qualifies as both I often feel left out and misinformed. I feel like I am expected to know how the college runs just because I have college experience and my age. Each school is run differently and I wish that the orientation was more informative about the programs of study and what we can expect from the courses offered. The College catalog lists a lot of courses that have not been offered in years according to not just the students, but the professors themselfs.


I do not really dislike anything about Hood College. Of course tuition is expensive, but that will be anywhere; at least for me.


To be completely honest, I love everything about my college. I do not have anything negative to say about Hood College. The location is not too far from home, but yet, its not too close either. The students are very friendly, as well as the teachers. The sports teams are invigorating and fun, especially the long bus rides that we take every week. To speak on the food, it is delicious; it is better than any other cafeteria food that I have tried- and there is a ton of variety. All in all, Hood College is great. I cannot complain.


I would say that the worst thing about Hood College would be the food, which is often gross and unappealing. The kitchen has been known not to listen to people with allergic needs (they've often served gluten to my friend who can't eat it), and they just generally don't seem to really care about what they're feeding their students. It's a step up from a high school cafeteria, but not by much.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit. We do not have a football team so our school spirit is low and do not often take a lot of pride in the college that we attend.


The worst thing about the school is the cost. It is expensive because it is private.


The tution is very exspenive. I believe if the tution was to be lowered in a resonable manner, more students would apply to the college because of it's high graduation rate and the numerous scholarships offered to the students.


Hands down I believe that the food is the worst thing about Hood College. While the administrrtion likes to say, "its not mom's home cooking, but you can alway find something", its no comfort to my growling stomach. I'm still hugry after lunch three days a week sometimes. And, because of unsanitary practices people have gotten food poisoning from a number of items.


The worst thing about my school is the price. Being a private school, the tuition is relatively high. However, our financial aid office really helps you find the money so it can be affordable and the amazing education students receive here makes it well worth it! My advice is to not let the price discourage you.


I would consider the athletic department the worst because the gym is almost non-existent and is in very bad shape.