Hood College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Hood College?


Today, students further their education by going to colleges and universities. Going to these schools cost a lot of money (especially private) and one must know the importance of attending college or university. Their time and effort in school is necessary. It is a waste for one to slack off and fail their classes. Hood has high academics expectations and the professors expect the best from you. Students are challenged and guided towards the path of success. A student should reconsider attending Hood College if he or she is not serious about his/her education.


people who cannot handle "freedom"


Anyone who itsn't ready to work hard and be nice to everyone. Hood is a campus where people are very close to each other and the teachers are very interactive with students.


Free thinkers and those who take their education seriously


Someone who is looking for large classes and fraternities/sororities.


Students who believe that college is a big party. Hood is a rigorous institution and should be treated as such.


If you are a friendly and hardworking individual you will fit right in. There are a wide variety of types of individuals who attend here and they all are friends with eachother.


A person who does not like a small background and is not open to diversity. Hood is a small college on a nice campus with many different cultures and backgrounds.


Students who are looking for a large college with lecture classes that have over 100 students involved would not enjoy this school. Our average class size is about 17, so the teachers and students form a close relationship with eachother and the students can receive individual help. Also, student looking for a large Greek-life community should not come to Hood either. Although there is talk about starting some greek-life eventually, it is not a part of our community now. Other than that, our campus is open to any type of student!


A person looking for a large school should not attend this school. This is a small school with about 1600 undergrads.