Hood College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Hood College know before they start?


Money. You can get the education and the experience you want you just have to plan for it a little better. I would tell my self that the Hills Scholars program will be the best experience ever. It will open many doors you never thought existed and you will grow so much as an individual. Once you graduate from the program, take off a couple years to save money for the four-year institution. Scholarships and grants are great but they will only cover educational expenses and they are not as easy to come by as everyone says. The extra cash will come handy once you start school again; you can work less and concentrate more on your education. By doing this you will also have time to experience the college life and make new connections. You will be able to volunteer and explore interests and most importantly, you will be able to keep up with your studies. My biggest regret is not saving enough money and having to choose between studying and work. No one seeking an education and wanting to improve themselves should have to choose between an educaiton and work.


Don't worry, everything will be okay. I know how stressed you are about getting applications in on time, getting accepted to colleges, and figuring out how much each college will cost, but don't worry. It will all be worth it in the end. You'll meet great people and make a ton of new friends, and learn more about yourself and the world than you ever thought. All your hard work through all the years will pay off, so just breathe and relax.


If I could send advice back to myself as a high school senior, I would relay one simple message: everything will work out. My biggest worry about the transition to college was living with someone. I had never had to share a room before, especially with a stranger. My roommate and I get along wonderfully. In fact, we are roommates again this year (my sophomore year). I would tell my past self this simple message because it applies to everything. I have always worked hard in school. Academics mean a lot to me. I know that furthering my education is one of the best investments I will ever make. By telling myself that everything will work out, I'm not only giving my former self peace of mind for the worries at that moment, including the roommate stress, but also any other worries that arise later. I am a firm believer in the thought that everything happens for a reason. As long as I work as hard as I can and put forth my best effort, everything will work out someway somehow. And however it works out, it is supposed to be that way.


I would tell myself to focus on school and not worry about going out at night and on the weekends. School should come first. Get your education then worry about going out. Life is too short. Make something of yourself. With an education you have something to be proud of and something to show for yourself. Going out will not help your future.


The best advice I could give would be "don't wait for others to tell you what to do for class, find out yourself and do it". My biggest flaw is that i tend to procrastinate, and put things off without thinking about it. That was a major problem when i first began college classes, and as a result, my gpa went down for a bit. My current habit, taking what i need to do, and spreading it out over the time i have, is helping me stay on task, and helping me bring my grades up. If i had done that at the beginning of my college career, my grades would have been higher, and i would have been able to enjoy more of my collge experience without stress, as well as get more financial assistance. That's why I would advise my past self to not procrastinate, and be more proactive with my education.


College is definitely a life-changing expereince. You do not want to miss out on it. Therefore, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely say do not simply take senior year as a joke. With all that is within you, avoid "senior-itis" and whatever you do, DO NOT wait until the last minute to apply for college. By doing so, you put yourself in harms way of missing application deadlines and falling behind in the college process. It is imperative that you try your very best from the moment that you become a senior to the moment when you graduate because believe it or not, your senior year does not go overlooked. It's alright to have some fun, for after all, it is your senior year, but do not lack on applying for scholarships. You do not want to wait until the last minute when your money is due, to realize that you do not have enough and that you should've applied for scholarships all along while still having fun. The moral of the story is to manage your time wisely! All is possible!


Dear Brittany, There are so many opportunities for you to make a difference at Hood College. Yes, it will be tough being away from home at times, but your family is always a phone call away. Plus, they will love and support all of the opportunites you take a hold of in the years to come at Hood. Don't worry about high school drama, there are bigger obstacles to come, and don't be afraid to face these obstacles head-on. Tackle them with your God-given talents, and you will succeed. Also, procrastination is never fun to deal with, so it would be a good idea to practice staying ahead of your work now. Thank you for choosing Hood as your four-year-home. It is going to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Don't be afraid to make new friends because they won't be afraid to talk to you. You are going to do great; take life one day at a time until then. Good luck! Your Friend, Future You


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as an high school senior, I woul d advise myself to definatley be prepared for the big change. One thing I would let myslef know is to not get off guard, a lot of incoming high school seniors get off guard because of the frredom they have with the transfer from hish school to college. Coming to college on your own is a big step in your life of being a youg adult, you have to trmember that no one is going to be behind you reminding you that you have a papaper due next week or that you need to study for your test on Friday. So it is a big responsibility, i would also warn myself to not get caught up in partying with other people because that can cause you to lose concentration. Other than that enjoy yourslef and be responsible.

Dana Lee

Hi,my high school senior self I just want to offer you some advice before you go off to college. First, don't worry, and just be yourself. That way,you will have no regrets.In addition, always keep an open mind and you'll be able to excel in all areas,both personal and academic. It would also be a good idea to learn to cook a few dishes,so you can have a homecooked meal once in awhile.In regards to academics, start assignments in advance ,so you don't stress about them later.I know you'll be fine since you've always been an exceptional student, but you should also have some fun. You definitly deserve to let your hair down,and enjoy life. Good luck!


I would tell my high school senior self that the freshman year of college is a weird thing, and to not worry about it too much. Focus on trying to find scholarships and money, but don't let things like that control your life. You're a smart person, so let your grades relfect that. But most of all, I would want my high school senior to know that the freshman year of college is going to be awkward and weird, no matter what. No matter what, you go into college with some sort of expectation, and more often than not the reality it not going to match up. You're going to make friends in the first week that you'll think you'll love forever, who you won't even talk to by the end of the year. You and your roommate might get along, and more likely you won't, and that's okay. Making friend who you really want to keep around takes time, so don't rush that process. Just focus on your studies and being the best student you can be, and try to only spend time with people who you really like.