Hood College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Hood College has a friendly and welcoming environment. I was nervous on my first day of class and so many professors and other students offered to help me. Hood is a great experience.


The best thing at Hood College was the environment. The campus is beautiful no matter what season it is. It was a perfect location for me because I lived only 15 minutes away. Hood College was located in a perfect location. It was only minutes away from the highway allowing people to go to Balitmore or DC and their downtown area.


Hood College is a private school and it's known for its small size. The small size is the best about Hood College because you have small classes where you can actually get to know your teachers and classmates. During the summer of the freshman orientations, I was a little skeptical about how friendly everyone was but I realized the friendly enviroment of Hood didn't fade away throughtout the semester. Since it is a small school, you can recgonize people all over the campus. There are many advantages to attending Hood College and I'm glad i chose it.


The professors are willing to help you and encourage you to do well. Also, the people on campus are friendly and everyone is nice.


The professors and their various interests and research


The best thing about my school is the attention that you receive before you are even a student at Hood. The financial aid, registar, counselors and even some of the professors are hands on and stay on top of you to make sure that you are at the level you need to be.


The best thing about my school is the professors. It is a small school so they all know you and can work with you one on one. The majority of them have Ph.Ds in their field and how amazing backgrounds in the areas they teach. You can really get a well rounded education from the professors at Hood College.


I love to small class sizes and availability of all the staff. Because of the smaller student population, I feel like it's one huge family instead of a school. If I need help with homework or questions at anytime I can always drop by their office or send an email without hesitation. Everyone is so friendly and really care about you. Its not uncommon for a teacher to ask me how I am, not just in my classes.


The best quality about my school is definitely the faculty and staff that work here. I love the fact that I can email just about any of my professors and get a response within the hour. Math is my worst subject, so I schedule extra time in the tutoring center to get extra help. Except, instead of having to rely on other students, I have the opportunity to get one on one help with my professor. I have done it many times, and it my grade reaps the benefits.


I consider the best thing about my school to be its academics. At hood, students are receiving a liberal arts education. As a Hood College student, I must complete a number of core credits from different subjects because Hood prides itself on providing its students with exposure to every type of feild to have a well rounded education. So that no matter where we want to go in life, we will have the education to become what we desire.


hood college has a great education program and a great mastery graduate program with plenty of internships, classes, and a variety of opportunities to grow. faculty is also very knowledgeable and helpful no matter what the question is.


untied school. everyone is friendly!


The faculty are very willing to help you with anything you need.


I would say the campus is the best thing about Hood College. The campus is beautiful, inside and out. Changes are constantly being made to the campus . Every season the campus is beautiful whether is snowing or raining. Another thing is that directly in the middle of the campus its a structure called the Pergola. Its a traditional structure that brings the Hood Family together. Theirs no splitting of the poles under the structure because the old saying of splitting the poles is that your ruining your friendship. Since we love each other and consider ourselves family we never split.


I love my friends and the people I am surrounded by at Hood. The faculty is outstanding. I have a second family here.


The small class size is the best thing about my school. Having a classroom with only 20 other students is a phenomenal experience, it allows each student to gain that one on one time with the proffessor. It also allows a community to be formed, with small class sizes a family aspect develops in the classroom and on campus with each student feeling that they are part of something and allows them to know that they are more than just a number to the college.


Hood is like a second home, where just about everyone knows who you are. Theres a strong since of school spirit and tradition that make the other part of college (the social life) great. Hood has a great reputation and has many tools to prepare you for an excellent career..


The unity on the campus. When one person hurts, we all hurt. The campus staff, faculty and students really work together for the good of the campus community as a whole.


Quality of Education


I think the friendly atmosphere at Hood College has to be the best thing about it. Even when I've pulled an all-nighter or had a hard day I feel comfortable, like it's my second home. I think I'd feel overwhelmed at a larger college, with the sheer amount of people milling around. Hood is open and airy. On a nice spring afternoon there's nothing better than hanging out with friends on the Hood campus Quad, under the cherry trees.


The best thing about the school is the caring faculty who are some of the best in the country.