Horry-Georgetown Technical College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Filing for FAFSA


there are not enough computers in the library. It seems as if so many students go there just to get on myspace or facebook. While I too, have profiles on both of the websites, I think the library should be used for school. I take my classes very serious and those students just tool around barely passing their classes. I also do NOT like that we get parking tickets if we do not get our stickers renewed. They should come up with a license plate system where they type the plate in a portable device and it comes up.


The most frustrating thing about Horry Georgtown Tech is during the last days of registering, phone calls are not answered. You have to get in your car and drive to the college to get any help. After getting to the college just to talk to someone about a class problem or registering problem you have to sign a list and wait in long lines just to get told you will need to email your advisor. I just don't understand why no one is scheduled to answers calls, sometimes alot of questions could be taken care of over the phone.


Driving back and forth.