Houghton College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Houghton College has an excellent academic record. Some of their strong programs are the Education Department, Business Department, and Music Department. Houghton is also known for it's international integration and opportunites to study in other cultures. A majoy attraction of Houghton College is it's history of professors that invest in students' lives, and the deep, lasting relationships that students create with each other during their time at the college.


Houghton is best known for the community on campus. It sounds cliche just saying, but the professors care about the students as individuals and there is a strong sense of selfless-ness on campus. People seem very comfortable with each other.


Houghton College is a small, homey campus nestled out in the countryside of upstate New York about an hour from Buffalo. There is never a dull moment around campus, because we are always busy with planned activities including concerts with Kutless, 33Miles, Leeland and Group One Crew. Houghton College's strongest and most popular field of study is in Business Administration and Management and our most widely known athletic teama are our soccer teams. We also have a strong music program with wonderful choirs.


We have a solid music program but it's mainly known as an overall good academically based conservative Christian college.


Christian atmosphere and community. The town is small.


My school is best known for the community and christ central place.


Probably its music and education programs. Also study-abroad opportunities and the Intercultural Studies major.


My school is best known for its emphasis on community, and for educating students to be effective leaders in their fields and around the world.


Music and education programs, and if you are looking for a husband


Houghton is best known for two things: (1) the vibrancy of Christian commitment among its students and (2) its excellent school of music.


Houghton is known as a Christian liberal arts school with a demanding academic program.

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