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The most unique thing about Houghton College is the sense of community that exisits on campus. I have never been anywhere else where people are so happy to do life together. We guinely care about each other on campus and off. We attend sports events and performances of people we barely know just to support them. This is not unique to the students on campus. The professors and facility here also have a real interest in seeing our students sucsessful and flourishing.


The atmosphere at Houghton is unlike any other I have seen. The school is small enought that you can walk through the building and know most of the people you see, but not so small that you get caught in everyones drama. Only at houghton can you walk around, not only the campus but the town and smile and wave at everyone you see because you have probably met them before.


Unlike many other schools, Houghton College is the essence of a Christian community- the students and faculty are polite, genuinely caring and aspire to acknowledge and praise God in their every day lives.


A friend of mine once said to me, "You can always tell the Houghton people because they just want to stay up having deep conversations late at night." That is what is unique about Houghton: because of its emphasis on personal growth & exploration, holistic living, and its remote location, its students think and care very deeply - and they do it as a community.


Small campus (1500 students), 98% of students live in dorms, teachers take the time to get to know your names (you are not just a number), friendly atmosphere, compact campus (no long walks to get to class), teachers are very approachable (if you have a question they are more than willing to answer it), far from the noises of city life


Houghton College strongly promotes the concept of community. The administration emphasizes that our school is a community of learners who can come together to learn and grow. Houghton is a small college which allows this community to be very clear. I enjoy that everytime I go anywhere on campus, I will see someone that I know. The faculty are extremely accomodating and I have been very pleased with my interactions with them. The coursework is challenging and prepares students to enter their given fields following graduation. I have been very pleased with my experience at Houghton College.


Houghton is a small Christian school where the students become part of a community the second the come on campus. The Christian community here is so unique and special. I never once have felt alone in a sea of people. This Christian community is the reason why I chose Houghton College. It is a great encouragement to me to have over 1200 fellow Christians that are dealing with the same problems I am, or have previously dealt with this particular problem. The Houghton community is not just a typically Christian community: it is a family.


Houghton is a Christian school and very friendly. Houghton is very commited to academic sucess and giving students all the help they need. Houghton is small and is really not near anything exiting but there are many ways to make your own fun and sporting events are going on all the time. People are almost always willing to become friends with others.


Because of its rural location, Houghton College provides a strong campus life. Most of the student body lives on campus, and the majority of professors live in immediate vicinity of the college. Close relationships are easy to form with both students and professors. Professors tend to see their interactions with students as more than educational; they are open to inviting interaction with students outside the classroom, and often become personal and spiritual mentors. The warmth and supportiveness of the Houghton faculty and student body is unique to Houghton.


You can't even put your finger on it- but there really is just something so special about Houghton. I've never felt so welcome anywhere before in my life!


Houghton has an amazing, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is warm and friendly, even the teachers. Everyone takes the time to get to know others around them. And since it is a small campus, most eveyone really does know everyone else. The campus itself is beautiful; there are trees and flowers and nature all around you. There are paths for walking and biking, a ski hill, a ropes course, camp grounds nearby; it is beautiful everywhere you look.


The small town, christian environment.


The friends and experiences I've had while at school will go with me to my dying day. Through my college I have gone places and done things I never would have imagined (such as going to Alaska for study). The professors are fantastic and helpful, and although they won't hold your hand, they guide you when you need help and are avaliable at most times. Student-staff relations at my school is amazing. Being a student doesn't make you feel lower than staff, it gives a chance to gain mentors and older friends for a lifetime.

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