Houghton College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Nothing is really terrible here.


While Houghton does many things well, there seems to be a push more and more towards academics. The academic drive is a large part in why I wanted to come here, but there are times where I think it is necessary to loosen up and de-stress. Recently, Houghton re-finished its central campus center lounge, and has made it more of a business setting. This takes away an important environment and students' ability to socialize in that setting. There needs to be more of a balance between work and social lives.


Sometimes people can be a little judgemental, and, going along with that, hypocritical.


The worst thing about Houghton is that it is far-removed from any stores or civilization, and the tuition is high for a private school.


The worst thing is probably how in the middle of nowhere it is, it gets a little overwhelming in the winter. But that's part of the charm. Once you get adjusted, it really doesn't feel like such a bad thing.


The worst thing about my school is it's location. There are certain limitations to a school that is located in the middle of nowhere, as Houghton is. However, to make up for this, there are a plentitude of opportunities on campus (over 40 organizations, Equestrian program, Varsity, JV, and club athletics, amazing study-abroad opportunities, weekend road-trips) and as a result, there is a strong sense of community here. It is always an event to take a trip to the city or a fancy restaurant. It would, nonetheless, be nice if we were a bit closer to things.


My least favorite thing about Houghton College is the chapels. I come from a very contemporary church and Houghton College follows the Wesleyan tradition, which is more traditional. Chapels are three days a week and we are required to attend 2/3 of the chapels in a semester. Also, since there are so many chapels, I feel that it is hard for the chapel administrators to keep them consistently powerful and relevant to the average college student.


It's a teeny tiny little place. There are no places to go to do anything, unless you want to drive 30-40 minutes. Seriously, we have a dollar general and a grocery store in the next town over. Be sure that you don't have a problem with that BEFORE you commit!


The worst thing about my school is that it is not well-known. Houghton College is like a well-kept secret in college education. I wish more students knew about the college so they could experience the joy it offers as a learning community. I want Houghton's presence to be more known in the academic world.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the fact that it is so expensive. I understand that most private colleges and universitites are the same price or higher. I do not think that there is really any way to lower the cost, but I would be nice if there was. Sometimes it is a struggle to remain at Houghton due to the financial pressures.


I have honestly looked and I can't find a bad thing to say about Houghton College.


The worst aspect of Houghton College is the location. To get to the nearest Walmart or restaurant one has to drive over thirty minutes. This is often annoying on weekends because there is very little to do in the town of Houghton. However, it has also been a blessing. You do not spend as much money, and you get to use your imagination on what to do on the weekends.


Houghton just instated dancing at the school this last year. Although they put on dances, the dances tend to be more on the countyr side and they don't really mix it up and allow anything else. They are very rule based and they don't really change their mind after they make a decision. Houghton has a hrad time excepting others intrests and seeing the value in them.


The worst thing aabout my school is its location. It is in the middle of nowhere and there is not much to do. We make our own fun of course, but it would be nice not to have to drive 45 minutes to get to a Wal Mart.


I think that one of the worst things about my school is that the administration sometimes tries to seek out imput into a campus-wide issue but they don't always listen to what we have to say. If they want our opinion then I wish they would actually listen to our suggestions.


not accepting different cultures


I can't think of anything that I really dislike about Houghton: perhaps that it is not racially diverse enough.


The food. Becaus


It seems that the school asks for a student opinion often, but it rarely makes a difference.


there is really no diversity. its in the country and there are only white people ther.


My school is sadly a very expensive one. They keep jumping costs, but don't improve services. I can't aford to take out thousands of dollars worth of loans every year (By which I mean roughly $10,000/year). I wouldn't mind them raising the cost if they increased my aid too. To make things worse, as the cost climbs the services decline. Food quality is dropping, the financial office isn't reliable, and we now must pay $40 for phone access, but still need to get a phone card! In short, My school screws us over financially.


Maybe the worst thing about Houghton is the location. It's located in a rural area with just a few houses in the neighborhood, a post office, grocery store, and a gas station. The closest movie theater is 25 minutes away and the closest mall is 40 minutes away. I prefer the location because there is still much to do on the campus on the weekends and there are many people to interact with. With the location where it is, there are several waterfalls and state parks. Houghton is 15 minutes away from Letchworth State park which is extremely beautiful.

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