Houghton College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are not prepared to work for what you want, and to be challenge in your studies as well as your faith; then you should concider another college. Houghton might not be for you.


If someone is looking for a place to party (alchohol, drugs, smoking, etc) they should look elsewhere. I'm sure if you looked really hard you could find that even here, but better to just go somewhere it's in the forefront if that's what you want.


Anyone not serious about their education. This is not a party school in anyway. Academic standards are very high.


You shouldn't attend Houghton College if you are a fan of big cities. The seclusion can get to you if you're used to building after building. You probably shouldn't go to Houghton if you don't like community-based college life. Houghton makes a strong case for building community and, if you prefer to be on your own and not take part in much outside of class, you might feel misplaced.


This is a Christian college and most people who are not Christian would not appreciate this school. There is a code of conduct that prohibits drinking, smoking, and co-habitation with the opposite sex. The college has a high acedemic standard, an A is a 94%., so if you are really not interested in getting a good education and just want to party, this is not the school for you.


A very liberal person should not attend my school.


Those that are really into the ciity life. The college is in the middle of no-where. It's a great college it's just that there is usually nothing to do around here. If they are not one to make their own fun, it might be really tough. Party-animals should also stay away. Also the cold is a big factor here, so if they don't like the cold they should avoid here.


Houghton College is a Christian college with a focus on Christ in both the academic and non-acedemic fields. Party-animals wouldn't be happy here, neither would people with a secular view of life. Houghton is also really small and in the middle of nowhere, so people who are content not to be in a city setting would be fine here.


People who like city life and being off campus should not attend Houghton. Also, people who are very opinionated and liberal would not find this school very inviting. Generally non-Christians would not want to apply to Houghton. People who do not place high value on grades and academic work would not do well at Houghton either.


Someone who is not comfortable being in a spiritually based school. This is a Wesleyan colllege so it is a religious school. They would be welcomed here, but they might not be comfortable.


Houghton College is not a good fit for students who look for off-campus activities. Houghton is profoundly rural; shopping centers, clubs, museums, concerts, etc, require at least 45 minutes of driving. As a conservative, Christian-minded college, Houghton may be a challenging fit for students who do not practice a religion or hold liberal or non-conformist views. Although I believe Houghton benefits most from its non-conforming students, these students often have an uphill experience. Also, students who enjoy partying with alcohol will be disappointed.


Those who like to be in a city area, those who are not kind. Those who abuse drugs, alchohol and etc.


city people


One who drinks and takes drugs. one who doesn't want to study. One who doesn't have a goal in mind.


Anyone looking for a party school with easy academics. Also, anyone looking for an outstanding intercollegiate athletic department. While the student body is very welcoming to people from other cultures and religions, non-christians might feel out of place at this school because of the required attendance at chapel services, the fact that nearly every class begins with prayer, and the infusion of faith into class lectures and discussion.


The best people for Houghton are responsible, driven Christians who have open minds and want to learn in more ways than one.


people who dont like a stricted conservative school, party people


Students who tend to rebel against authority will really hate the school. Students who are used to living the city might feel stifled in Houghton. Students who are easily bored will probably not enjoy the activities offered here.


One who is not at least sympathetic with Christianity.

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