Houghton College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


There are not many things that are frustrating at this school, but one of them is how far away towns are. Houghton is a community in itself and has many events that incorporate the neighbors, and there are a few stores close by. Other than that, Houghton is kind of its own entity, removed from anything resembling a city. This aspect helps when you enjoy a quiet, tranquil area to work, but if you need access to things like other stores or enjoy shopping, Houghton is a bit far away.


The most frustrating thing about Houghton College is the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere. This town consists of a Subway, a Chinese restaurant, a Post Office, residential areas, and corn fields. There is little to entertain and not very many new people to meet. Our community is sooo small. We get sick of each other. Houghton has its own sub-culture. We call it "the Houghton Bubble". Many people here are not invested in world affairs. Being away from civilization is a hardship. We long for things to do and a normal life on "the outside


The normal curve of grading.


For all that I loved about Houghton, there were taboos. Because Houghton was a small Christian college, the students, faculty, and administration were all held to a certain standard that didn't allow for things that are frowned upon in the Christian community. Depression, drug or alcohol abuse, sexual orientation other than hetero, etc. were all swept under the rug. However, some of us chose to talk about these things anyway, and I hear that the atmosphere has improved significantly.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are not many places to go for recreation around my school.


The I had to take loans out.


See Above


I think when most new students come to my school they become frustrated with how there doesn't seem to be much around the school. It's kind of out in the woods and the nearest city is about an hour away. However, I believe this aspect brings out wonderful character in the students who decide to take on this issue and work through it. Students at my school are much more creative in discovering their own kind of fun activities and through this strong friendship ties are made.


Getting up in the morning to attend my 8 o'clock class. Having to walk to my car in the underclassmen parking lot. Not being able to afford to particiapte in stuff, because lack of money.


In the middle of nowhere.


The cost, and what the school spends its money on.


There are always going to be some problems with how a school is run. I think that it's most frustrating when students complain all the time, and also when certain administrators refuse to listen.


Certain general rules or guidelines are at times strictly enforced, despite the original intentions of the rule. This is usually the result of some individual's actions rather than the college as a whole.

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