Houghton College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The atmosphere is the best thing about Houghton College. The atmosphere made it easy to learn and make friends. They make you feel welcome, like a part of a community. The school is almost in the middle of nowhere, but we had fun and there are larger cities not too far away. One caution though, you have to take your life in your hands. You are not going to be babied. In my experience if there was anything lacking in the facilities, it was because I did not take advantage of them, great welcome but you have to accept it.


The best thing about Houghton College is the fact that it is in the middle of nowhere. This town consists of a Subway, a Chinese restaurant, a Post Office, residential areas, and corn fields. There are limited distractions and the relationships formed here are lasting. Our community is tight knit. We look out for each other. I love how Houghton has its own sub-culture. We call it "the Houghton Bubble". Many people here are invested in those around them rather than activities. Being away from civilization is good for us. It helps us know and care for each other.


Even though we liked to joke around about President Mullen's emphasis on how Houghton was a community as I look back that is what I miss most about going to college there. I think the close knit community is Houghton's best feature. What is great about that community is that it includes not just the students living on campus but the professors, faculty, staff and community members. I left Houghton with friends that I will keep in contact with for years to come, friends who were both students and faculty.


I would have to say the same answer as the previous one, that there is such a strong sense of community here, for the same reasons.


The best thing about my school is the sense of community. The school is small, but it leads to a sense of almost familial interactions between the students and faculty.


Oddly enough, the thing that troubled me most was also the one I loved best. Houghton's community was so strong and so enveloping. Whenever I was struggling, I knew my professors and classmates would be there for me. If I was in a financial crunch, my boss rearranged her budget to give me more hours. Houghton's professors are not distant academics only interested in furthering their research. They are kind people who will welcome you into their homes, invite you to lunch, pray for you through the hard times, and celebrate with you through the good ones.


It's small. We only have 1200 kids, so you develop really good friendships. I see the same kids over and over in my classes and clubs. Because we are so small there are no big lecture classes at all, not even the gen eds that everyone has to take. Everyone is really nice and friendly. The teachers are accessible. I can go to them with a question about anything, and they'll either help me out or tell me who has the answers. (I am in love with this place--does it show?)


The best thing about my school is the college community. I attend a small school, and most students live on campus. This creates a close-knit learning environment. The atmosphere is positive and encouraging for academic achievement. I have gotten to know many students, who are also on their way to academic success. The community is a big part of my love for college.


The best thing about my school is its size. It is small and I love the feeling of knowing mostly everyone and having smaller classes. There is a greater chance that professors will remember you here. There is a strong sense of community here and I love it.


The sense of community both among students and between students and professors. People really care about each other and listen to one another and learn from one another inside and and outside the classroom.


The availablity of the equestrian program, I am an equestrain studies concentration and I absolutly love it.


I like the faculty a lot. They are kind and helpful and most of them are VERY good at teaching.


The best thing about Houghton is the rigor of its academic standards combined with a genuine commitment to the Christian faith.


The Christian community that we all share. It's wonderful to see all the people who are serious about God and serving him with their lives. Houghton is a great place for making friends to support you and networking with professors/organizations/alumni to follow God's call.


The small student body population and the relationships between faculty, staff, and students.


The thing that attracted me to Houghton was the people. During a campus visit everyone was so nice, helpful, and polite. It felt like I would be at home on this campus surrounded by the kind faculty and students. It almost seemed too good to be true and wondered if it was just an act the faculty put on for the Encounter Day. For over two years at Houghton, I've felt at home because the faculty is accomodating, the students are happy, and everyone is generally satisfied with their lives. It's so refreshing.

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