Houston Baptist University Top Questions

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All the buildings are close together so you dont have to go very far for your next class.


Houston Baptist University is located in the most ethnically diverse region of Houston. Although its courses have a Christian foundation, students from a variety of cultures and religions attend the school. There are various organizations that embrace the numerous cultures present on campus, and students from any part of the world are able to feel at home. I really wanted to attend a school that would help me find my niche, and Houston Baptist's liberal arts core provided me with the opportunity to learn about a wide-spread range of subjects.


What I really like about HBU is the small class sizes, there has not been more then 32 students in any one of my classes. I also enjoyed the student Transfer / Freshman day, it's a day when all Transfer and Freshman students come together and learn more about the campus life, the school and classes. The students are always eger to help a new student out, over all the school is a great school. Another plus about the school is, HBU is located in the Southwest part of Houston which make it accessable to people outside city limits.


Unlike the large, crowded, impersonal lecture halls of other colleges as seen on TV, HBU boasts a student: teacher ration of 30:1. Every I have met so far has been friendly and helpful. Since Houston is such a diverse city, you are bound to find someone you can relate to in terms of race, religion, and personal interests.


It is a Baptist university and there is convocation every week. There are 80 CLW points that must be completed in order to graduate. I really like how we pray before starting class in some of our classes. It is also smaller student to teacher ratio.


Immediately, when I stepped on the HBU campus, I felt a sense of closeness. It felt like I would be able to call HBU my alma mater ten years from now. I love the atmosphere of the campus and the relationship we, the students, have with each other and with the faculty. It makes me feel comfortable and motivated to do my best and fulfill my dreams.


The environment and atmosphere of the school.


It is a private school where Christianity was heavily influenced.


private & christian


Recognition is not as high as other, but that is quickly changing. HBU has a huge endowment and an incredible future. The academics are extremely strong and the school is well known for this.


This school is unique because is gives you that small community feel with the benifits of being on a big campus even though this campus is small.


Houston Baptist University is unique in that the classes are small instead of the regular 200 students in an auditorium of larger colleges.


It is a private school with a great faculty to student ratio that allow a very good relationship with the students and faculty.


HBU is unique becuase it has a very ethnically diverse campus. The students here are brought together with a religious undertone that matches the University's baptist curriculum and activities. Here at HBU discussions over the bible and other religions are not only allowed, but encouraged.


it's awesome.