Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who has a love for learning should attend Houston Baptist University. Sometimes there is a misconception about who should and shouldn't attend the school because of the name, but the students, staff, and administration, lovingly and whole-heartedly accept anyone who would like to attend the school.


Any person who is hard working and wants to attend a private university that is culturally diverse should attend Houston Baptist University. HBU is a fast growing school with a strong and advantageous outlook on liberal studies. Students are able to learn from a variety of subjects within their first two years and are required to take courses that strengthen their abilities to think critically. Students who want to get a taste for other subjects, besides those required for their future occupation, will really benefit from the courses taught at HBU.


A highly academic-focused person that may or may not hold social events high on their priority list. These events are available, but they are not often and they are hard to attend due to the rigor of the coursework here. The person should also be tolerant of other religions if her or she is not Baptist, because the school requires students to attend meetings, services, and/or other religious events to earn points needed for graduation.


Someone that is open to learning about religion, they require that every student takes Chrisitainity course as well as complete 80 credits in Spiritual Life points in order to graduate. If you are looking for a deverse campus that has small class sizes then this is a great school to attend. Professors are willing to stay after class and answer any questions and will know you by name and not by a number, or have to ask. Small campus but great enivornment and plenty of extra-curricular activites to get involved with.


Prospective students should be academically focused and have a desire to learn more about God. In other words, they should want to grow spiritually and intellectually. Students should have a balanced lifestyle as well and a willingness to help others.


A person who is self driven and is mature to handle a University. There is a time and a place to understand the meaning of life and by attending this University people will get there.


A hardworking, serious student, financially well off.


A person who is looking to get a great education while getting hand on attention from professors.


Any person looking for truth should attend this school. This is a great school to do some soul-searching in.


Any type of person, really. It is more suited for Christians or religious people, rather than atheists.


A goal oriented, focused, and friendly person. It's a small school, kind of like going to high school with more mature and racially diverse people. A person who likes having more attention fromteachers, and more one on one interaction in the classroom. The majority of the students are Christians, and do alot of community service. If they're interested in music , nursing, or business and want to be in an environment where there are many job opportunities just off campus, then HBU is a good choice. Some character traits of HBU's students... intelligent, friendly, mature, focused, confident.