Houston Baptist University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is our lack of school credit system. I have friends and relatives who have a credit card issued out by their schools and it makes me feel like my school lacks something that other major schools do not.


It gets frustrating not having many places to go on campus. We do have the second floor on top of the cafeteria where students play pool, work out, or just hang out and surf the web, but other than that our options are limited. HBU has a very small campus and whenever I am just stuck there waiting to attend meetings of the organizations I am in, hanging out at my friend's dorm is sometimes a bore, especially since she does not have a television.


I feel like I'm missing out on the Real college experience.


the cost of courses and living on campus.


Nothing really. Sometimes its hard to get in touch with professors over the summer and also get in classes that you want due to them filling up fast.


no recreational center and their is no social campus life, everyone goes home on the weekends or since there are alot of commuters they have friends off campus.


The most frusterating thing about HBU is some of the required courses that are necessary to graduate. I however have realized the reason that some of these courses such as kinesiology, were included as required courses. They promote and reinforce the idea of healthy and hardworking students. The 9 hours of christianity courses required for graduation, are understandable. HBU is a Baptist school and promotes religion and sprituality. This is also why around 80 community life points are also required to greduate. Because of these reasons I have learned to accept and deal with any frusterations that I may encounter.


The most frustrating thing was finding out all the details to for acceptance in their nursing program too late.


The most frustrating thing about Houston Baptist University is the fact that we are required to double major. While it will be useful later, it makes it much more difficult and time consuming to get a degree.


It is sometimes very unorganized and doesn't have a good system for sending out campus news and events.


The most frustrating thing about HBU is that there isn't enough social activities to get the students involved.


The most frustrating thing about school is that there are never enough hours in a day. Trying to balance out studying, relationships, social life, work, gas can get overwhelming. Just keep you eyes on the goal though. There seems to be a severe lack of sleep while you are in college. Really try to get sleep, at least conistently, even if you don't get a lot.