Houston Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Houston Community College is one of the most friendly and cohesive places you can go, you will be treated like family.


Houston Community College is a great school to take classes at for the price it offers.


Houston Community College is a very welcoming place and the people can be very helpful.


Houston Community College is one of the most culturally diverse educational settings I have ever attended.


HCCS offers you a reasonable price for tuition, offers you all the student services that you need (financial aid, day care, job opportunities, etc..), have transferrable credit classes for those who want to pursue a 4 year degree. HCCS has quite a few campuses around Houston so it's very convenient for students in different area. HCCS also offers Distance Education or simply just some courses for those who want to have a certificate in most of every field, especially those with high volume of wanted.


Unlike previous public schools that I have attended, San Jacinto College is an up lifting school where you feel as if you are apart of something bigger than your self; you feel as if this school is the first step toward your future.


HCC Northwest Campus is a small and close knit community with amazing, knowlegeable teachers.


My school is the best, above all the rest.


Wharton is amazing. My campus is brand new and i have watched it develop greatly. They provide great help in the libraries where tutoring is provided. The classes are small and the one on one interaction you can receive from professors is appauling. Wharton caters to every race, spiritual and political belief possible. No matter what your hobbies and interests are there is a club or organization to suite everyone. Not to forget the helpful staff members that show insight and patience when ensuring the success of the students. I would encourage anyone to attend Wharton.


My school is helpful with all the facilities they offer and all the help they offer.


Wharton County Junior College consist of people from different backgrounds, and becoming friends with people who also live close to your area is a great advantage to creating a close friendship.


Houston community college is the stepping to stone to my future success.


My school is diverse with alot of instructors to choose from, and convenient locations around houston.


HCCS can accomodate every students needs.


Helpful to get my core classes done in order to transfer to University of Houston.


My school provides good study environment that has many facilities available for students and gives help to students with their studies through their tutoring programs such as the writing center and online tutoring.