Houston Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There very uppity.


social butterflies. everyone talks and helps everyone, it is very easy to make friends here and with it being college the maturity level higher therefore you will make friends that don't mind telling you when you are messing up.


I go to school to study not to make friends so they are students, just students to me.


A diverse group of people whom i enjoy attending class with.


My classmates are a variety of everything including age and race.


The atmosphere is somewhat friendly, mostly students mind their own business.


There is a wide diversity of students at HCC. There are many younger kids who don't care at all. They never study, they disrupt class, and they have absolutely horribly reading comprehension. However, there are others who will clearly be advancing to a bachelor's program, and probably to a graduate school program after that. The beauty of a school like this, especially for universities, is that it weeds out those who do not belong in a higher learning environment. It is also great for students like me, who want a quality foundation to their higher education on the cheap.


Some of my classmates are annoying, some are over-opinionated, some are helpful, some are friendly; It's a smorgasbord of people.


They are all willing to learn and majority of the students participate with the instructor.


My classmates come from all different backgrounds, and are very serious about their education.


My classmates are normal people that want to further their education and make you feel comfortable around them.


My classmates are deligient workers. A lot of the students that I attend class with are determined to move on to a four year college. However, there are a few students who do not know what direction they want to take in life and in result are unmotivated. But, by the end of the year, I am sure they will discover a field of interest and try to pursue a career in that field. For the most part though, there aren't any problems in my classes with the students. They listen to the teacher, and create a positive environment.


They are unique, focused individuals who all come to class with the final purpose in mind.


Most students I have encountered in college are hard working and very determined individuals all taking small steps to get to the finish line, which is to get a degree. Every student has a story to tell, a dream to fulfill and a life to live for.


My classmates are young and idealistic.


My classmates are very alert and helpful. They like to have study groups to get a further understanding of the material before a test or quiz. They are also very fun to be around, grabbing a coffee at starbucks or sharing a pizza is how we discuss work. Not to mention the immense amount of respect they amplify to our professor, although her accent is very strong, we pay attention well enough to understand. This specific group of people leave great memories for those who get the chance to spend time with them.


i would definitly descride my fellow classmates as different because we all vary in age, race and goals.


My class mates are a mixture of ages, ethnicities, and personalities.


My classmates are multicultural and different ages.


They are dedicated and honest workers.


These people are determined, focused and willing to work hard to get the work done.


Very diverse; some are very driven and others seem to not want to be there at all.


My classmates are team players.


A diverse group that are all prepared for learning on the next level.