Houston Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Houston Community College is the most well-known community college system in Houston. I think most of the students have chosen to start their education there for economical reasons. I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the professors and their personal investment in the students.


My school is know for the high quality of education despite the fact that it is a community college.


Houston Community College is best known for being the school that students go to when they're not sure what they want to do with their life and because of that, they're not willing to spend a ridiculous amount of money on classes while trying to figure out what exactly they want to get into.


Houston Community College is known for providing university-caliber education; innovative, creative instruction; comprehensive individual support, and for being an engaged, responsive community partner.


Our school is best known for helping students find jobs after they have graduated. It has a good reputation for it's vocational training programs that make you career-ready by graduation.


It's diversity. HCC has a variety classes to accommodate to a variety of majors.


Houston Community College System is best known for giving any student that wants to attend college every opportunity. Houston Community Collgege is a gateway for all students to start their education journey and assistance is always there if you need it. The opportunites are endless to where starting with this college can take you and many students have went on to excel in their careers. This is why HCCS is known for opportunites because with each step new doors are open to every student.


My school is best know for the goals it sets and expects it's students to maintain while attending their education programs. It's not just about the money. They want their students not only to complete their education but to do well academically. This will improve overall workforce achievements.


My school is best known for it's affordability. Going to a community college is way cheaper than attending a university for your first two years. Anybody can go to a community college and take the same classes and it's cheap. I like the fact that my school and it's system understand the importance and value of an education for a great price.


My school is best for small classes where the teacher can give you more attention.


The diversity of my current school is greatly varied. There are also many different career options or career plans that start of at HCC.


They are best known for their quality education at an affordable price.


Having pretty low cost tuition


I have no idea what my college is best known for because it is a community college. I would assume though, that it is best known for the cost of the classes, and their willingness to help you succeed in your own time.


There are morning and evening classes. There are many locations in Houston. Tutoring is available along with affordable classes.


I'm not really sure but probably either for the range of areas that they have campuses in or the low cost of tuition.


Houston Community College is best known for its diversity among the city. There is a small town feel to each HCC location and there are plenty of locations around to make going to college alot easier


It is known for its affordable tuition and small class sizes.