Houston Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the small classes sizes of 20 in each class.


I prefer not to brag, so i'll let my GPA do the bragging for me! I'll let my bank account do the bragging for me. When it comes down to it, I am learning the same thing everyone else is, but in more ways than one, I've made the practical decision.


My school has a great support system for my major. The teachers are very welcoming and are willing to go the extra mile for me to succeed.


I always tend to tell my friends how my college is close to home along with its affordable classes for young parents. I also mention that childcare is available on campus.


Well one of the things I get to repeat about my school whenever people ask me about what school i attend is the school spirit mascot! It's always fun to get to know other rival schools mascot and to represent the one mascot that matters the most. (which is the one from your school by the way)


I brag about how the school has numerous hours that work for me . They have early morning, late night , and online classes so there is always something for my convenience. They also have and offer incentives that universities have such as gyms, sports, libraries, daycare for cheaper including the books and classes.


Multiple locations with small classes and easy to find locations. Classrooms are clean, fresh and perfect for education. Nice computer labs with open access. Enrollment is quick and easy and almost everything can be done online. The counselors are knowledgeable of programs, classes and what classes will transfer to four year colleges. I like the Katy campus which is located 8 minutes from my home. I also take a class at the Central location which is closer to the City of Houston. This allows me to pick my son up from his school on my way home after class.


Most of my friends in High School looked down at Community Colleges because they believed if you could attend a real University that will look better and you'll a have better opportunity at a great education. I, as well, believed that, but I was wrong. I was accepted to all those major universities but soon found out that HCC was the best decision I made because the professors are great, the classes are small and hands on, and of course, it's cheap, which is good for today's economy.


Well I barely have anything to brag about this school to friends since most of them go to the same school as me so we all get the same experience of this shool.


College has not only pressured me to do the best that I can and stand out in the crowd, but it has inspired me to persevere and help make our world a better place in which any individual can come out on top if he or she puts his or her mind to it. College has given me a second chance at life, an opportunity to build my future, and my children?s future. Life is not a race to see who ends it the fastest: The point is to make it to the finish line.


I start classes next week and one of the most attractive features of this school is that I can walk there within 10 minutes.


When I tell my friends about my school the first thing I brag about is how alive with activity the campus is and how much fun it is to go and just hang out at the coffee shop and chat with friends inbetween classes.


When I'm telling my friends about school. I tell them about my professor and how easy they are and fun I have in class. How their learning style is helpful and fun. How they work with you in class and out of class. How the campus is not big like a university so you do not get side track. You are able to focus in class and on your school work. There is no fighting allowed at school because they do not play when it comes to fights. Everything is close so you do not have to drive far.


I cannot yet tell you about Houston Community College, but i can tell you about Wharton County Junior College. Being in a junior college is a great way to start college after high school. It is alot cheaper to get your basics closer to home and also helps you decide what you want to major in. WCJC has great professors that you can have a one on one discussions about a subject. I was able to talk to my psychology professor on how to bring my grade up. Extra credit really helped!


Its a small school, and its great for starting out. The teacher understands you and complies, unlike big university.


That it is one of the largest community colleges in the country; conveniently located throughout the City of Houston. HCC also has a very competitve Nursing Program in the heart of the medical community - The Medical Center. I also let others know that HCC is affordable and gives a quality education to those serious about learning. They also assist with high quality daycare center needs for returning mothers; which to my advantage was one of the reasons I chose HCC.