Houston Community College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype about Houston Community College is that the student aren't hard worker, nor are they gifted academically enough for a four-year university,and that is simple not true!


I don't know.


Wow. I'm not aware of a stereotype of students at my school. I can tell you that we have students from all parts of the world attending Houston Community College (HCC). We also have people from all age groups, people from all socio-economic backgrounds. One class I might sit next to someone who is straight out of high school and has limited life experience and the next I might sit by a retired vet who is simply broadening his horizon. Regardless of who I meet and what their major is; everyone I have met at HCC has been incredibly supportive and encouraging.


There is no stereotype to describe the student body at HCC. It is a very diverse group of people from every race, background, and age group.