Houston Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The many programs it offers as well as locations.


I like it bunch of students


Amazing to say the very least. wonderful social atmosphere, teacher are willing to stay with you a few extra hours just to make sure you got the material being covered in class down and give you a good stern lecture and kick in the pants when you need it the staff always greet you with a smile and sometimes a shoulder to cry on if needed. the staff here are always on the look out for new ways to supply you with that sense of security of a very close-knit family that all college goers need.


Houston is ever changing, developing, and rebuilding. This is also true of the Houston Community College campus. It has many majors and career choices and submits a student's embodiment into a career choice.


I have been to four of our campus (Central, Willie Gay, SW-West Loop and Katy) so I can only rely my experience based on these visits. The best thing is the layout of each campus. It is very easy to get around and find your way. I think the campus size(s) is(are) just right. There are bookstores and vending on each campus so you can pick up a snack if you need to but there are no eateries that I know of. Most of my time on campus is spent in the Communications Department, either in classes or in labs. It seems that there is always a lab open. The department works really hard to make sure we students have access as much as possible. When I tell people that I am enrolled at HCC I receive nothing but excitement and encouragement. I really believe HCC has a good local reputation. To call Houston a college town would be funny to me as we are so huge. There is nothing one can't find in this city. Luckily I'm a local gal and know this town like the back of my hand (almost). The professors are great. Very approachable. Very open. The Financial Aid Department, well let's just say it's not anyone's favorite department. I am learning my way around more and more with each passing semester. It's safe to say it helps to utilize fellow students experiences and wisdom. I'm not aware of a lot of school pride. I am aware of a lot of self-pride in many of the students. I think this speaks to the ability of the professors to reach the students on a wide level. The one experience I'll always remember? Definitely my very first class at Willie Gay. It was a mandatory "get acquainted with college" course. I was so nervous. And when I first when in I thought I had nothing in common with any of these kids and then something magic happened. The professor began teaching and he was great. He brought all of together through a common ground....learning. By the time the course was over I knew I would be alright and that I would be able to connect with my fellow students no matter how diverse our backgrounds.


This is a quality school. The common misconception is that community college is sub-par to university in the quality of its education, but I believe this to be untrue. The majority of the professors I've had have been great. A few also teach at university. I have had zero problems with customer service, financial aid, or really any other aspect of the school.