Houston Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that should not attend this school is someone who wants school spirit of fun. Students seem to depressed to even be a apart of the school system. Although it is providing me an education for the fraction of a price compared to universites, I can not wait to be around a more lively crowd


A person who is not wanting to further their education or a person who thinks that higher education is a waste of time or money. A person who has no drive to better themselves for them, their family, or their future.


Its really good for everyone to be honest, but if youre just not really into going to school and enthusiastic about going to school then you shouldnt go.


Anyone who is not serious about actually obtaining an education should not even set foot on campus. If they are stuck in high school mode where all they think about is parties, pranks, or gliding by their classes just to graduate, they don't belong at Houston Community College. Their presence would be that of a stumbling block to others more than anything else.


Attending college is a personal decision. It should not be based on the fact that a family member or friend thinks you should attend college. It should be based on your desire to learn, whether it is to earn a degree, get vocational training or just take a single class. Not everyone is cut out to go to college. People who are not serious about getting a college education should not attend.


I would say those people who is not interested in school should not attend this school. Most people want to have better lives for themselves and their family. Those people who is being forced to attend this school by others will less likely to grduate. If they had came to attend this school by their own will then they intend on succeeding in their career goals. If one's heart is not really set in atteding college and came anyway, they are wasting the money , the time of the teachers and giving false hope for their own family.


Someone who doesn't care about school, or their future.


This school has all kind of programs. I think the only kind of person that should not attend this school is a person who does not want to try. CLCC is the place to be, anyone who wants to go to a Community College should come here.


I would strongly reccomend this school for a person who's not entirely sure of what career they plan to pursue. It is an inexpensive way to explore different opportunities, fields of study and most important you meet elders who have plenty of experience. Talking to the adults that are going back to college really helps, they can contact you to people, sources and mainly just share with you their experience in the working world, the reasons why they have decided to go back to school, etc.


Everyone should attend school. The type of person that shouldn't attend would be the person who is not serious about their education.


Someone who is serious about their academics and future career. HCC has quality education for the conservative wallet! People from all walks of life attend HCC. You can just be entering college for the first time, or returning after starting a family - I did. HCC accepted all my transfering credits. They are nationally diverse and offer a positive cultural environment. Students from any part of the world can attend HCC. Their online classes are user friendly and the professors are very helpful. Most if not all of my professors were very knowledgeable in their field; which offers assurance.