Houston Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Do not accept all the financial aid that's offered to you. Especially, if they are government loans.


Those friends you make the first semester are not going to be your friends for the rest of your life. You all are just nervous I a new place with new people.


To stay focused.


how financial aid worked. explain to students that the southeast campus has a building that in not even close to the others, but is still considered south east campus; it is about 5 miles away.


How much oppurtunity and how easy and different it is from high school. What oppurtinities i had waiting for me. The different and numerous classes they had to offer.


I wish I had known that the campuses were all spread out so much. Of course I come from a very small town, so that could help explain it a little bit.


I wish to had known before I came to Houston Community college was how to do homework online, I wasn't used to do all the work online.


I wish I had known about the scholarships and clubs Houston Community College has to offer. My major is Pharmacy and I'm hoping to obtain my Pharmaceutical degree in an average 8years. I'm trying to get involved in science clubs: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy ect. While on the side applying for scholarships and using the money towards books and tuition because college is so expensive.


I wish I would have known that there were teachers that really cared, and motivated their students such as the ones at HCC.


Well there is nothing i would wish i would have known before coming to this school since everything was told in their book and you could say it was an easy school to figure it out.


I wish I would have known the importance of time management. The most important tool to manage time is to learn how to plan ahead. From the first day of class a student should know the due date for important projects and exams. Allow yourself time to study. about an hour to an hour and a half should be dedicated to studying and review material from class. Remember : "Fail to plan, plan to fail."


I wished that i had known what i had wanted to do in my life. I had hard time deciding what career would best fit me. Many hours and money were spent on taking the courses that i really didn't need to take. I have decided that i want to get a associate of science degree in biochemistry because i realized that i like both science and math. Science most of all fascinates me and i am always curious about new things being discovered. I wished that i had planed my life goals sooner and more consistantly.


Make sure you apply for scholarships, even if you're not in top ten percent of your class when you graduate high school. You can still qualify for scholarships to help you get the education you want and deserve!


I wish I had known about the different programs it has to offer. I also wish I had known where each campus was located.


Everything is available on the school's website and there are many counselors available for students' needs that I can get whatever information needed from them. Also, there will be an orientation available for new students and foreign students before every new semester.