Houston Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I really love the fact that most of my classes include open discussions. It really gives me an opportunity to voice my opinions and feel like I'm being heard.


I go to a community college, where of the students are there with the intention of transfering to a bigger university. I would have to say the best thing there are the professors. The majority of them seem to genuinely like their jobs and care about the welfare and success of their students. Many of them have been a source of encouragement and inspiration for me. They have also taken the time to give personal advice to help me in my chosen career path.


I enjoy its diversity, stength and small size. Kind of like an ant. There are so many different organizations and new ideas continually growing. There's something about HCCS that you can just relate to and belong. The small classes are a bonus as well. And you know the teachers love their job and enjoy taking a step at a time with their students.


The school is not over crowded with students and the learning system is fantastic.


Houston Community College allows me to continue my education where it is affordable. I don't have the luxury of buying my books new or getting them on time. However I do not let my financial aid status stop me from going to school. Houston Community College allows me two years worth of money I can save to go to University of Houston and transfer. I recieve the same education four year colleges give and have the access to teachers that work with students in small group sizes compared to big universities.


The fees are a bargain compared to four year colleges. Some students who plan to transfer, take their core courses at my school to save money on a bachelor's degree.


i like best the utilities in my school such as lab room, library. students have many advantages to study better. Professors are very friendly and nice. They help us a lot in our studying. they always try to explain anything their students do not understand. In addition, School's staffs are really good. they also help us with any documental work. Especially, they are always friendly and nice with international students. that is the different thing with others.


The best thing about Houston community College are multiple locations with many different class and degree programs. I also like the fact the Houston Community College offers a set of classes called the RWUR set of classes. These classes cover all of the "coore class" requirements which all four year schools in Texas accept if and when you transfer to one of them. These classes last for only eight weeks and start every month. This allows students the ability to move through several classes at a really quick pace. These classes can also be taken online or by Distance Learning.


I'd definitly say the best thing about my school is a tie between the cafeteria which has amazing food and the staff. There's so many teachers willing to go above and beyond to make sure their students excell.


This major benefit of HCCS is the convenience. Not only are there campuses in each segment of the city, so there's sure to be one near your home or office, they have multiple options for how you want to go to school - in class during the day or night, or online/via DVD with their distance education options. They also have "Ready When You Are" courses that are 8 week classes starting at the beginning of each month. So, no matter what your needs are, the can meet them, all at a huge discount from a 4-yr tuition.


That some of the professors make their classes very fun. I find this to be great because it makes it easier to learn when the class is made enjoyable to everyone.


I've met counselors and academic advisors that really care. They've taken time with me when choosing a degree plan and classes.


The way teachers comunicate to students. I have found very good teachers that know how to teach and talk to students. Mostly they know how to make student feel that we can trust in them and that is helpful.


Houston community college is great for its many locations around houston. Central campus has an amazing library.


I think the leadership that takes place in the campus is one of the most motivating drives in the campus.