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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The most important advice I could have given myself was to choose my major or field and take every single avaliable class in that field while I was here. Classes are easier in junior college (for the most part) and here we have teachers that really care about education and want to help. I wish I would have taken a lot more science classes while I was here so I would have them out of the way before university. Instead, many of the advisors wanted me to take a diverse list of classes and now I am afraid I may be behind in university and stuck taking difficult classes that would have been much easier (and cheaper) here. As far as the transition, I feel as though that went well for me. Be open minded, be social, and be positive; there will be so many opportunities for you wherever you go.


For the love of GOD, apply for scholarships early!!! It makes things so much easier, and there wiill be much less wailing and sorrow! So many fights with your parents could have been avoided, Kandra. They're not going to help you pay for college anyway; so, you may as well help yourself. Save yourself some trouble and loads of stress. Apply early! Also, don't take online classes because, apparently, you have no motivation whatsoever to do any work unless you are told by a teacher whom you can actually see, hear, and be afraid of. Stick with what you're used to, honey. You're an auditory, visual learner, and don't you forget it!


If i could go back and talk to my high school senior self, I would tell myself that to work harder on your AP classes and pass the exit test. Because with those classes I could have been so much farther in my degree plan, and not have had to take those same courses over again. Also i would tell myself to get more involved in clubs and orginizations. Because one it would look good on my college applications and two it would help me learn how to handle my stress that much better. Learning how to handle stress would helped me out so much and saved me multiple headaches. I would tell myself to learn how to take good notes early on and how to study for tests without a review or any other study help instead of just my notes and the book. My high school hindered us way too much in the way we took tests. We always got the review which it would be the same as the test just mixed up. I would tell myself not to even look at that paper and study on your own with your own material.


Hay, kiddo, you don't have to be afraid about going to college. you will learn alot and will not have to believe thems punks, that always told you. You'll never make it our amount to anything. your parents will be proud of you, cause you did it on your and did not have to ask them to help you. You can show you have the self confidence, that was always there in you. Go for it, work hard, do the best you can.


I would tell myself to visit more colleges my senior year of high school. I would take a SAT prep class and maybe take the ACT as well. I would definitely tell myself to take all the dual credit classes possible. Perhaps, I would even take a summer class at one of the local colleges. I would tell myself to look into the cost of books and housing. I might even take an on line course to get myself ready for all of the on line resources that Colleges utilize. Even thought I participated in PALS - (peer assisted leadership services) I would be much more involved in community services.

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