Howard Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


It is a great school for almost all people to attend with ease.


very diverse.


My overall opinion. I Like that everything is kept very clean and nice, the facilities as far as a community college go are quite nice, I like that many of the teachers here are pretty decent. There is a lot I'd like to change, but overall the school is okay, There are many opportunities to interact with faculty. This is community college so honestly, it's pretty underwhelming, and the number one thing I'd change is the smoking ban, I am a smoker, and many many of the students here smoke, and the smoking ban is an inconvenient pain. I do not like telling people I go to HCC but it could be worse, HCC is an academically sound school. I have yet to interact with any school administrators. And as far as controversies we're a pretty apathetic school when it comes to scandals, whatever else that makes university life interesting. HCC is dull and the food is not great, also the hours of the cafe are strange. The hours of the school in general are strange. Other than that the school is alright, the work load is about average.