Howard Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


HCC is good for people who are still looking for what they want to do as well as those who know what they want to do and need a place to get some credits out of the way relatively cheaply.


Someone who doesn't know what they want to do with their career or someone looking to save money while getting college credit. It is a good place for students who haven't fully matured and aren't ready for a full time school work load that many four year universities offer.


Person with clear goals, focus, who wants to better her/himself and the community. Who loves learning and has clear vision in life.


Howard Community College is a college that accepts all types of people. I believe that anyone who has the drive to continue their eucation would be a good candidate to attend this college. The student will have a great diveristy of classes to choose from as well as great diversity of college peers to interact with. The college offers resources for those students that need the extra help as well as offers honors classes for those students who prefer to challenge themselves. With all this in mind I believe that any kind of student can attend Howard Community College.


A person that is on the board to geting an education is being successful and trying to improve oneselve to being an educated person. It's a lot of people that like to go to school because they know that an education can help better their ife's and some want to be that first person in their family to graduate from college to have a degree. People attend college to better their education because they want to be more educated.