Howard Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best things about my xhool are the abundance of computers and academic help. We have computers and computer labs all over campus. We can access the internet and write papers just about anywhere, even in the cafeteria. We also have plenty of tutors for every semester, event the winter and summer sessions.


The best thing that Howard Community Colleges offers is the opportunity to continue your education in a very diverse setting that allows success for everyone that attends. HCC has programs for both the gifted as well as those students like myself who need the extra help. They offer tutoring programs and honors classes. Along with the academic part of the college they also offer many extra curricular programs such as music, dance, sports, and theater. HCC is located in a central location that allows students to commute from all areas within the state of Maryland.


The best thing about HCC is how small the classes are. This allows teachers to actually get to know you and help you succeed in your studies. There are no 100 people lectures with teacher's aides teaching you more. They are always willing to meet with you outside of class and make sure you get the extra help that you need.