Howard Payne University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I think the academic programs here are great. The professors really invest in the students, even the ones not in their classes which is amazing to me. I am double majoring in Math and Art Communication and two of the professors I've had for classes are on my top three favorite teachers EVER list and i just love taking their classes! I feel like the majority of students try to take their classes seriously and we do end up doing a lot of studying and homework together which is always really fun and relieves a lot of our stress. I would say that some students are more competitive than others, but the majority of us just try to do our best and do well in our classes. A lot of Howard Payne graduates go into really good jobs or go on to get a higher degree. The professors really try to steer you in a professional direction by giving you hands on, applicable lessons that are actually going to help you in life. One of my favorite classes that I've taken here was a Forensic Science class. We learned how to do all of these really cool forensic tests like fingerprint analysis and blood splatter analysis. Our final for that class was a mock crime scene where we had to find clues and develop a good hypothesis of what we believed happened. Our professor dressed up as a judge and we had to go in individually and ask for him to sign a warrant!! It was the best final ever!


I think that the academics are very impressive at HPU. Not every department can be bragged on obviously, but for the most part Howard Payne has a great success rate for jobs and grad school acceptance. I am a Business major striving for a BBA and I have a Psychology minor. I love both of these areas, and I am excited for grad school in the future. Students are competitive with each other, but also work as a team. I like my teachers, and they help in and out of class.