Howard Payne University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I absolutely love Howard Payne! I went to a small high school, so coming here wasn't extremely overwhelming because its small for a university. Sometimes the size can be an issue because people tend to know everything about everyone which is super annoying. Also Brownwood is a pretty lame town, you pretty much have to entertain yourself cause there's not much to do in town. The people at Howard Payne are also so great; I have always felt very welcomed and important here. The professors are amazing too, they invest so much in us as students and truly want to see us succeed. Plus they're just fun! Most of my favorite people ever are at this school which I think is really saying something. Hang out spots change a lot because, like I said, there's not much to do in town so you're constantly having to come up with things to do and places to hang out. Some of my favorite memories have come about from being bored and having to think of something to entertain ourselves with. Hanging out in friends' dorms or apartments is always a good option though and something I do often.


I love Howard Payne. I honestly hardly have anything negative to say about except that it happens to be in the same town that I grew up in :) It is such a great place to come for community, friendship, and spiritual growth. If you want to meet amazing people, make lasting friendships, and have experiences that you will NEVER forget, this is the place for you! The professors are wonderful and helpful, the staff is encouraging, and there is ALWAYS something going on. Campus events are frequent and so worth the effort of joining in. People often think that HPU isn't fun because of the small town, but that makes it better in my opinion. We make our own fun around town, and for cheap also. And what college student doesn't like cheap? Also, the community is awesome and there are TONS of ways to get plugged in on and off campus.