Howard Payne University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Howard Payne University?


As freshmen, curfew was frustrating because sometimes school organized events would go late and we still were not supposed to stay out. It is enforced to help parents relax and to help freshmen be responsible; however, realistically it only restricts the responsible students because the irresponsible students break the rules anyways. However, most freshmen broke this rule easily by planning ahead or befriending an upper-classmen. It was also frustrating as a upper-classmen Resident Assistant (RA) because it was broken so often without realistic consiquences and rearly did one fail classes or leave due to breaking this unimportant rule.


There isn't many things that are too annoying about my school. I would have to say short classes are what annoys me the most because right when the teacher begins to really teach it's already time to go.


Finding parking space.


Sometimes the size gets to me. Having most people know who you are makes finding moments to yourself difficult sometimes.


the lack of diversity. Most of the campus could be described as "all-american" good boy, good girl. Being exotic or ethnic sets you apart. The very conservative values and predominance of one faith feels exclusive.