Howard University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Howard University is a place where you will realize who you truly are.


My School is Diverse.


Howard University is full of great opportunites career wise, and is a great cultural experience full of tradition.


Howard University can be descried as culturally diverse .


An amazing University that caters to the learning and strengths of African American Students.


Howard University is one of the most historical schools around the world and filled with the most dedicated young adults across the country, who are striving to accomplish the most out of their lives.


It is the Mecca of all Historically Black Colleges and Universities. No other school can compare to Howard University.


Howard University is an HBCU that promotes African American success, culture, and history while educating students from different areas and backgrounds to acquire their degree.


If you have full scholarships, or enough scholarships to fully cover your tuition every year you are here (because of the extra required PE classes and non sense divisionals you may be here longer than four years) then go for it and come, if not, go elsewhere, it is not worth the money and/or the debt. There are few good teachers but the hastle to get into the class you need is terrible. Be prepared for the run around by administration. If your're expecting excellence, you will be disappointed.


Howard University is a school of eager and excited students who want to make something of themselves


Howard University is the mecca for intellectual students who are willing to uphold the legacy of the university.


Howard University is happy.


Howard University is a great school, full of intelligent, cool, and stylish people.


My school is a center for inspiration and an intersection of different areas of development for the human race.


The professors at my school really care about each student's success.


Howard is a networking knowledge implanting family like instituion inside of a great thriving city.


One of the most culturally diverse HBCU's in the country.


Howard University is a school of many legacies and of many talents


Rooted in history, focused on the future, and always ready for a party.


Howard provides an environment for you to grow, learn, network and have fun all while getting your education.


HU...You Know. (our catch phrase)


A home away from home filled with friends that became family.


My school is very traditional.


My school is AMAZING! Due to the fact that we are located in DC we are surrounded by history and opportunities. Being at Howard has given me a new perspective on life and the possibilities we all possess. I am enjoying my experience here and can't wait to see what else is in store!


Howard University is a prestigous Historically Black University that allows intelligent and determined students to help them find their future and understand their past.


Howard University is a school where we pride ourselves on breaking barriers and creating being above average.


Howard is a school with a great sense of pride and tradition, but not so great academics (in COAS, at least); the students have a lot of school spirit and a generally positive attitude, regardless of our school's many shortcomings.


Howard University is the most cultural, religious and socially diverse HBCU in America


To a Prospective Howard student I would say to make sure you apply for any and every scholarship while you're in high school. It is imperative that one has their financial means as well as their grades in tact. Keeping your grades up can open up a lot of oppotunities for Howard students especially financially. If you are coming to Howard make sure you are ready and willing to stay focused and keep in mind what you are at school for. Don't waste the oppotunity, be prepared to learn, and make your freshman experiencence memorable.


Howard is a place where you will began to learn the struggles of the real world, but it still is awesome!


It has a rich legacy.


Howard University is the Mecca for Black education and a pillar in the higher education world at large.


Welcome to the Mecca!


Howard University is a family of amazingly talented individuals from all walks of life.


The premier HBCU, located in Washington, DC.


It is an amazing school with a great diversity of students based on dress, attitude, culture, who are all striving to attain a degree in their chosen career path.


So Howard was founded in 1867, and not a thing has changed. There has been some renovations here and there, but the best thing about our campus is the historic beauty. Our buildings may be old, but they hold stories that can never be replaced. Prefect example: The school of communications used to be Freeman's hospital. There are aspects of this building that are honestly quite appalling and may deter people from wanting to receive their education here, and even though the administration has been working on getting us a new building, many of us (including myself) would still hate to see the building go. Our history is so important, and its a way of knowing our culture and who we are, so its something you grow to love. A new building wouldn't say "this is the place where great people were literally born" or have the same ascetics as the rest of the buildings on campus. So the buildings are beautiful, in a historical way, but they can use some changes.


An excellent place to socialize, learn, and network.


Howard University is the institution of higher learning that places a strong emphasis of one excelling in their respectived fields, and using their acquired knowledge and skills to enhance the local, national, and global communities.


The melting pot of all cultures, whose students know and continue the illustrious legacy of Howard University.




Howard University is bittersweet because its history gives students great confidence and pride in everything they attempt to do while we are definitely on our own when it comes down to keeping up grades and having to run around the school to get approvals, whether it may be housing, registration, or finances. Although our administration isn't the best, our love for the school's campus itself and its legacy always overcomes the glitches that we have to take care of day to day.


Howard University is the Mecca of all historically black universities; with a leading and distinguished reputation that not only attracts influential leaders in today’s society, but the brightest and most driven students around the world.


A historically black university where students come to learn how to utilize their full potential as an individual while being valuable and productive members in society as well as outstanding leaders in their communities.


Howard University is a Historically Black College/University. This University has a great reputation for producing well educated adults who will go on to become productive members of society.


My school is a nice place to get a solid enduring education, being a HBCU (Historically Black University), that's currently located at the nation's capital, It has a nourishing campus life atmosphere that'll make sure that every prospective student who decides to attend it graduates ready to be able to contribute positively in terms of socially, educationally and having accomplished all goals set forth, meaning it's a hardworking arena where every student has to study hard to succeed.


Howard university is a continuing legacy.


Howard is is as diverse and exciting as the city it is located in.


Howard Univeristy is very historic.


Howard University is an institution of intergrity and unity that embodies a social awareness found nowhere else in th nation.