Howard University Top Questions

Describe the students at Howard University.


There are many experiences in life that encourage each student to grow. But it is the campus residential experience that opens their eyes to new insights and thoughts to promote positive character traits. Howard residences offer a variety of accommodations that reflect the diversity of our student population. You'll learn from each other and together you can broaden your college experiences. Residence Life also offers a number of academic support services and social activities.


My classmates at Howard University are very collaborative, and they look out for each other while providind critical feedbacks to help one an other achieve academic success. My classmates are also friendly, everyone seems to be getting along so well and it really makes you feel belonged.




My classmates are black excellence.


My classmates can be described in one word: fun.


Howard University students are exceptional, creative, intelligent, unwavering, incredibly strong and the most amazing student body on Earth.


My classmates are studious, astute, and hilarious!


My classmates are very talented and hard working.


This school has a wide variety of people attending. Most people are nice and greet you as you walk by ,but not everyone. The school and its students has alot of school spirirt when it comes to various sports. There are alot of highly intellegent people on campus all towards their goals of graduation.


Driven and motivated. Each person has a goal they are striving to maintain and take the necessary steps in order to reach their highest potential.