Howard University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Howard University is known as the mecca for Historically Black Universities. Howard University is a school that proviedes endless opprounites for all their students.


Howard Universtiy is one of the best historically black universities in America. It is known to produce many African American doctors along with other professions. Howard University is also the alma mater to many historic figures such as John Mercer Langston and celebrities including Phylicia Rashad and Jessye Norman. Howard Univeristy is known for it's amazing leaning enviorment and staff of well- equipped educators.


My school is best known for it's legacy as a Historically Black University. The curriculum differs from most Universities intergrating African-American History and knowledge that is not widely taught, though it should be in today's school system.


Howard is known for educating all people from the perspective of African Americans. The professors encourage us to be knowledgable in every field, aware of current events, and leaders in whichever field we work. Howard is known to be the crossroads of black scholars, students, activists, and Americans, and the current students are invited to be a part of history.


SJSU is known for its racial diversity, incresible off-campus dining options and proximity to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and successful tech companies in the surrounding area. It is a breeding ground for successful careers in the tech and business industries.


Howard University is best known for being one of the first Historical Black Colleges established


Our school is best known for truth and service. Our school is very socially conscious.


My school is best known for polishing some of the most successful African Americans in the United States of America. This historically black college is listed as number two for the top academia. I am proud that I will be in that number of influential people that will say "I am a Howard University alunae."


My school is best known for it's law school, medical school, school of business, homecoming, school of communications, and the fashion.


Howard University is best known for it's amazing, one of a kind experience that is the Howard University Homecoming.


Howard University is best known for Howard Homecoming. Each year alumni and some notable celebrties come back to celebrate Howard Homecoming. It's the event that everyone looks forward to.


Providing opportunities to those who might not be provided them without this place.


the arts and business


My school is best known for its entertainment.


My school is best known for its integration of exposure to the Black Diaspora while simultaneously opening spaces for understanding knowleedge under an Afrocentric lens.


My school is best known for throwing the best homecoming celebration every year.


Howrad University is best known for birthing successful entertainers and leaders.


School spirit - Bison pride. Community building and leaders.


I think my school is best known for being the top HBCU in the country as well as our annual Homecoming celebration.


My school is best known for being well-rounded. Not only are we studious, but we party hard and have a strong network. Howard University teaches you to network because often times "it is not what you know but who you know."


Howard University is best known for its historical legacy in the Black academic, entertainment, and business world. The alumni of the university are most of the world's greatest African-American creators and innovators. Today, Howard University is known for producing more outstanding legacy and the students on campus tend to be known as the best dressed college students in the United States.


Howard University is best known for over preparing its students for the corporate world. The university definitely prepares its graduates to attack the business world competitively and confidently. Even before students graduate, they are pushed to obtain an internship since greatness starts within Howard, not just afterwards. Howard has a reputation of sending its students across the world to study and work in countries that are beyond extraordinary. My school is best known for lifting its students up to experience opportunities that only a few are guaranteed to experience. Howard University prepares each student for anything that might come.


Our school is best known for its school of business.


My school is best known for producing successful black alumni.


The parties Alumni Homecoming School of B


medical an law


Howard University is best known for our legacy and the prominent alumni that have attended. There is so much rich history here and we are known to be one of the best HBCUs in the nation. Howard is known to be a lot of fun but we are also known for creating the most successful black Americans in society.


Howard University is best known for its distinguish alumni and long-lasting legacy. Formerly known as the "Mecca", Howard University is nothing short of its name. Founded in 1867 by Oliver Otis Howard, Howard University was the foundation of all African-American paintings, literature, and newsletters surfaced around the entire world and housed in the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, which was located in Founder's Library on campus. If anyone ask or inquires about the university, everyone should begin answering with, "Only at the Mecca..."


Howard is best known for its school spirit. The students all collectively hold Howard on a pedestal and support each other for the bare fact that we all attend the same school. This school spirirt is so strong that it encourages alumni to come back and donate money and ideas. During school events everyone is always eager to come together & either network, exchange ideas, learn something new, or have a good time.


Being one of the top HBCU's in the country and for producing a numerous amount of influential and successful African- Americans and Black Leaders.


So Howard Homecoming is the largest tradition on campus and also a national holiday. Howard is home to millions; like I said, when you come here, its family. The people you know are the people you grow old with, and homecoming is the time where you catch up with those you lost touch with and enjoy some of the flyest events. Homecoming may be one of those things we put entirely too much money into, but its all worth it. Homecoming is a week long. We have classes, but its one of those times some teachers excuse our regular absence. We have Fashion shows, an RnB concert (this year we hosted Tyreese, Monica, Avant, and other artists), Comedy Shows....everything. (check out for reviews of our past homecoming). The largest and most memorable event is yardfest when thousands of people congregate on the yard to enjoy a free concert. The best thing is how all the clubs in the city have parties for us and its just a whole week of crazy fun!


My school is best known for taking the creativeness and potential out of people. There are many programs and activities that give the students opportunities of a life time.


This is a goal to work towards. Howard is a place where you will be accepted, but you must work to get where you want to be. This is what makes Howard so great. Howard wont take it easy on you, but you should not be looking for the easy way. Howard is a challenge that only a few can ever truly accomplish. If you like Howard than get ready for a challenge.


fashion and being an outstanding historically black university


Howard University is best known for self-expression. On my campus, you will find people from all over the world and different walks of life. Everyone expresses themselves differently; however, we are all similar in so many ways. People express themselves through their way of dress, speech, and culture. Howard University has brought so many people together and allowed them to connect. On Howard's campus, students feel free which helps to alleviate the daily stresses that many of us may have in our lives. I couldn't have chosen a better university to spend my four years!


My school is best known for producing successful black leaders in society. Some of Howard University' alumni include Thurgood Marshall, Charles Drew, and Debbie Allen. This legacy continues with the recent alumni here today like Adrian Fenty, David Oliver, and Taraji P. Henson. I would like to be a part of this great legacy.


Howard University is best known for its valuable education for African-Americans. Its prestige alumni is a constant reminder of the reason why I attend this institution. Howard is also very diverse with people from all over the world coming to Washington, D.C. to experience the Mecca.


Howard University is known for being one of the top prestigious Black Colleges. It is also known for its great social enviroment and its Bussiness,Law and Pharmacy programs.


Howard is most known for its Homecoming.


Howard University is known for our strong alumni who have excelled in research and has had a positive impact on politics , entertainment, literature, medicine, and law. Howard instills in its students that it is our job to change the world , we have to be leaders in our community and advocates for higher education.


Howard University is best known for the extensive list of alumnus who have made a diffreence in the world in politics, literature and entertainment. These alumnus include: Elijah Cummings ( United States Congress), Adrain Fently (Washington D.C Mayor), Cheddi Jagan (Guyana President), Zora Neal Hurston (author and anthropologist), Omar Tyree (award winning novelist), Sean Combs (music producer), Richard Smallwood (gospel singer), Debbie Allen (dancer and actress), Phylicia Rashad (actress), Taraji P. Henson (actress) and Marlon Wayans (actor); just to name a few.


The hype of its history. Many famous and influential Blacks/Africans/Americans were students or graduates from (at) Howard University.


Howard University is known for its historical reputation, of producing numerous African Americans who make contributions to society. African Americans tend to be looked at as only athletes and entertainers, but Howard University breaks that mold. This university produces amazing businessmen, attorneys, and Doctors that contribute, not only in America, but all over the world. Howard University is known as the Mecca of black education, and lives up to its standard of excellence for all of its students. While holding on to its traditions, Howard University continues to advance its students towards excellence.


Our school is known for its education, and producing excellent students who become successful before and after graduation.


Howard University is best known for producing the best and brightest African-american students in all areas of study.


Our student body which stands on prestige and excellence. Howard only breeds the best of the best.


Being one of the top elite African American colleges in the nation.


Being one of the top HBCUs there is, the school spirit, and the focus on being very successful in careers after college.


Beith the Black Harvard


It's legacay.