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What's the Greek scene like?

I'm not Greek, so its hard for me to give you all the details about what it is like to be Greek or in that social circle, but through vicariously living through my Greek friends, its an experience like everything else. Its a brotherhood, its a sisterhood, its about finding those people of which you best associate yourself with and continuing to work with them on the legacy of which that organization established. Its about knowing your history, and knowing your personal and your organizations worth. Its about service before anything else, and its about obtaining those things in life that you always wanted. Howard is home to the Divine 9 organizations, and every girl wants to be in an organization. There are many programs that all the organizations put together for you to learn what there about, and if its something that you want to do, do what you have to do.

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I am not a member of a Greek Letter Organization, but I will say that HU's Greek life is competitive and rightfully so. HU is the home to five Alpha Chapters for the Divine 9, Black Greek Organizations.

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