Howard University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


There are many experiences in life that encourage each student to grow. But it is the campus residential experience that opens their eyes to new insights and thoughts to promote positive character traits. Howard residences offer a variety of accommodations that reflect the diversity of our student population. You'll learn from each other and together you can broaden your college experiences. Residence Life also offers a number of academic support services and social activities.


My classmates at Howard University are very collaborative, and they look out for each other while providind critical feedbacks to help one an other achieve academic success. My classmates are also friendly, everyone seems to be getting along so well and it really makes you feel belonged.




My classmates are black excellence.


My classmates can be described in one word: fun.


Howard University students are exceptional, creative, intelligent, unwavering, incredibly strong and the most amazing student body on Earth.


My classmates are studious, astute, and hilarious!


My classmates are very talented and hard working.


This school has a wide variety of people attending. Most people are nice and greet you as you walk by ,but not everyone. The school and its students has alot of school spirirt when it comes to various sports. There are alot of highly intellegent people on campus all towards their goals of graduation.


Driven and motivated. Each person has a goal they are striving to maintain and take the necessary steps in order to reach their highest potential.


My classmates are driven young adults who are looking to fufill their dreams, and overcome the many obstacles that come along with being a student at Howard University.


My classmates are goofy, intelligent, and passionate.


My classmates are my friends, people that I can depend on when I need help.


My classmates are eager, determined, "grown", intelligent, opinionated, dramatic, excited, outgoing, artistic, stylish, talented, expressive, ethusiatic, goal-oriented, and prestigious students, looking for success through any opportunity they are faced with.


My classmates are supportive and reliable.


My classmates are cool. intelligent and very friendly.


My classmates are all from about every single state in the U.S., warm hearted, hardworking and they show strong respect for culture.


Contrary to popular belief that HBCU students "slack off," my classmates are highly self-motivated and driven - which is seemingly a continuous effort to prove themselves to family, friends and even society.


Even though I go to a HBCU, my classmates are as diverse as they come; we come all 50 states, numerous countries around the world, different ethnic backgrounds, races and religions.


Awesome! such team spirit. business school rock in HU. I love the team spirit and collaboration that exist in the School of Business. The older students mentor the younger and incoming freshman. The School of B stress academic excellence and rewards hard work. I am very happy to be in the School of B in HU.


My classmates are very hardworking individuals that all want to succeed.


My classmates are very diverse.


My classmates are all motivated, strong-willed, and passionate about their talents, ambitions, and potential careers.


Some of us have our priorities in line, and some of us don't.


My classmates are very diverse, residing in all different parts of the United States and even the world, however, they all have a similar mindset in the sense that everyone wants to succeed as black students attending a Historically Black College and University.


My class mates are driven, eager to learn, and craving academic success.


MY classmates are clever, fun, and liberal. They know how and when to turn the switch between party loving college students to professional young adults.


We all just trying to graduate and hopefully on time.


My peers have beautiful minds and unique ways of self expression.


We are family!


My classmates are well-rounded, focused, and ready for the future.


We are hustlers, motivaters, networkers, leaders, fashion setters, world changers, grinders, incorporators, founders, friends, family, goal oriented, productive, and black.


My Classmates are nice, open, and helpful. They are mostly very easy to talk to. Especially the ones in my major we are like a family.


Howard is considered a HBCU, or a Historically Black College or University. Most HBCU's student population include mostly African-American students, which sometimes comes with a separate set of stereotypes. However, with any ethnic group in America there are different "types" of people within that one ethnic conglomerate. Even though I am at a HBCU and our phenotype is similar, there are so many different personality types, style types, and individuals who come from so many different backgrounds. Therefore, it doesn't really feel like I go to a "black school". I feel like I am still in a very diverse school setting as if I were to attend The University of Southern California (which was my #1 university choice when applying for college, and diversity was my #1 university requirement). It is our thought process and intelligence that makes us so diverse. I even hate to refer to my school as a "black school" because I don't think that is what we are. Mainly because we are accepting to all ethnic groups and races. And secondly because we are not taught to limit ourselves or attach ourselves to any particular group or mindset. We are required to know our African-American history, but we are not allowed to use it as a crutch, but instead as a source of motivation to make a difference in the world today.


Howard campus is so diverse that you can't discriminate...we have people from every background, religion, and sexual orientation. If you are a shy or conservative student you might feel out of place her, people at Howard are so outgoing.


Howard Student Break Down Fashionistas-Everyday is a fashion show Greeks/Student Govt/Orgs-People consumed in their organization Athletes-(self-explanatory) Natural- Afrocentric students Everyone else


The student culture at Howard is unique. There are alot of organizations to be apart of, but dedication is not very strong. The biggest presence are the Greeks (National Pan-Hellenic Council) and a premium is placed on some of their members. The non-conformist student would feel the most out of place because of the emphasis to fit in on campus. There are cliques like every other campus, but most people have a wide range of friends. You might see people of similar organizations (Greek, sports, band, etc.) or academic programs (theatre arts, business, allied health, etc) around each other more often. Howard is known for its fashion, so there is absolutely no pajama wearing to class. The culture will make you want to look your best at all times. It may seem as though many students come from wealthy families, but many more are from middle-class or low-income families.


Students at Howard University are generally wonderful people. Howard is a school of mostly Black individuals, but the diversity is just as good as a mixed university. Students come from different, states, areas, financial backgrounds, social backgrounds, and have grown up with different mindsets, so the diversity of the school is great; Howard proves that not all people from the same ethnic background are the same. To be perfectly honest I do not feel like any student would feel out of place at Howard, although it is majority Black, there are many different groups of people that any person can find a place to fit in on campus, minorities on Howard’s campus are accepted the same as any other student, but it may take a little time for some students to get used to. Howard is a school full of fashion obsessed individuals, students are constantly judged for what they wear, so it is safe to say you can wear anything on Howard’s campus, and you just have to take things that other people say with a grain of salt and continue to be you. Although Howard students are wonderful, intelligent and strong, many students are very closed minded when it comes to the people they interact with. Many students are focused on the idea of having “cool” friends, fashionable friends, and many students on the campus do not accept other ethnicities when they first meet them. It is not rare for Howard students who are down to earth and cultured to venture out in DC and explore friendships at the other local colleges and universities. I am a person who likes to have different kinds of friends, so I do not take too much notice to the cliques that form around campus. Howard does represent many different financial backgrounds, but in my opinion, the middle class is represented greatly. Being Black and middle class is a great accomplishment, and many of the students at Howard are very material and object obsessed. Some students are in college just to accomplish a certain financial and social status, while others are there to make a change and affect the world in a positive way. With this said, Howard students are very aware and politically and socially active. Most students on the campus are left winged individuals, which makes for rich human and civil rights based individuals at the institution.


Here you will meet people from every walk in life. Your relationship with Christ will grow, if you find organizations, such as Word Up! Bible Study to join. A driven, tenacious, intelligent student with an interest in politics, the arts, or even extra-curricular activities would love Howard.


So Howard university students, particularly the women, are ALWAYS dressed to impress. It doesn't matter if they are going to class or to the club, it has to be hair done, nails done, everything did. Me personally, I'll wear sweats to class before anything else but hey...that's me. There's a heavy presence of students from places like California (oakland, l.a.), Illinois (Chicago), and New York. Everyone isn't the nicest person you will meet but you just have to go out and meet people and feel them out so you can build relationships with people who you will see for the next four or so years.


Howard University is a HBCU. However, the diversity here is amazing. From carribeans, to Africans, to asians. almost every race is representedi n Howard


There is a wide variety of students at Howard. The most represented group at Howard is African-Americans. I however do not fall under this category. I am a Caribbean student, and in describing the Caribbean community I would say it is a close knit community in which every one is willing to help out in any way they can


We all come from different backgrounds. You'll be surrounded by Catholics, Muslims, atheists and everything in between. A lot of students come from money and are oblivious to those who are less fortunate. In the same way, a lot of students don't come from money. Most kids are middle class. Most students "dress-up" for class. It's not uncommon to see guys in tailored suits and girls in the latest trends (or vintage). It can be quite clique-y.


Howard is an HBCU, and a majority of the student population is black. However there is alot of diversity amongst the students. Students hail from all over the US, and all over the world. There are students from varying socio-economic backgrounds, as well as different religious affiliation. Howard is one of the few HBCU's that has an LGBT student organization. There are times where people from different backgrounds might conflict, but Howard immerses you in the diversity, which makes it a learning experience if you allow it open your mind. Howard students tend to politically aware, to different degrees. There are so many different view points that you are almost always guarenteed a fair debate amongst colleagues, Howard is a social enviroment, and students have a plethora of ways to interact and get to know each other.


Most of the student population at Howard is African-American. However, we are increasingly becoming more diverse with foreign exchange students and "minorities." You will find that many of the students place a high value on fashion as a form of expression. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and you are able to be yourself and find groups and organizations that appeal to your individual interests. Our students are some of the most politically aware that you will find. We join protests, fight for causes, and readily express our opinions on various issues. You will also find that we are hardworking and are all striving to be the best in our relative career fields. If you're not competitive before you come here, you will certainly develop your drive while you're here. Seeing so many students chasing after their dreams is inspiring and makes you realize why you wake up everyday. We're all after something great. You start going after what you really want while you're in college.


There are so many students on our campus who see themselves as the next celebrity, or the next big business owner. Sometimes it gets crazy because by senior year people really put themselves on celebrity status, however, its cool because it encourages competition and keeps people wanting to strive to be the best. Most people that go to Howard come from different socio-economic backgrounds; you have your son's and daughters of doctors and lawyers who are here on legacy scholarships, but you also have your small town people who are here to see what the big city is like for the first time. Its a very diverse university with so many different personalities. There are over 150 different organizations that allow students to find there niche and be the best at it; but at the end of the day, you still have to work to be on top.


The students at Howard University are not only intellectual, but are very ambitious which greatly assists in influencing other students to continue executing determination, dedication, and leadership towards their personal goals.


My classmates are energetic and purpose-driven.


They are brilliant, challenging, informative, and we learn from each other more than anything else.


Strong-willed, intelligent, driven, and outspoken.

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