Howard University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the most diverse, driven and motivated individuals I have ever encountered.


Professional, keeps to themselves.


The majority of my classmates are of black descent. Although we have that major aspect in common, each and every person is unique and each and every person brings something different to the table. This is because we come from different parts of the country and some even from around the world. The different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, cultures, and lifestyles have shaped the students. They are applying what they know and learned to this new college experience. I am able to learn from my classmates that surround me.


My classmates are serious about learning and study hard but also like to party A LOT. Everyone is very friendly and approachable.


They are helpful and are always looking out for each other. Since this school is largely made up of African American/Black students they are determined to assist one another and their communities in order to change the statistics that now plague their ethnic background.


My fellow classmates at Howard University are very driven and quite competitive and they often force me to perform at my full potential.


Howard is not diverse in the typical sense, but with a significant proportion of the student body from outside the tri-state area, there is a good mix of people. In addition to people being from all over the country, there are a lot of students from Africa and the Caribbean. As far as financial background are concerned, most students I came across were middle or upper class. Because Howard puts a such emphasis on history and social responsibility, students are politically aware,and mostly democrat or liberal.


Classmates at this school are so diverse, unique, outstanding, prod, prideful, loving, caring, uppity, outgoing, quiet and much much more.


My peers are very bright , open-minded, opinionated, sociable, focused, and determined individuals.


My classmates consisted of very mature young adults.


My classmates are fun social people that are trying to reach success


Even though people on the outside would say my classmates and I are the same because of our common ethnicity, we are all very different pieces that make up a beautiful masterpiece.


My classmates are helpful and want to succeed.


Fun-loving, smart, diverse people.


Intelligent and determined to make a difference.


Because Howard University is a Historically Black College most of the students are of african descent. However being on campus I find that within the African race there is diversity. Their are African Americans, Afro Europeans, Afro Hispanics, etc. This is what what makes Howard a diverse school. Its student body encompasses the african journey throughout the world and how it has intertwined with other cultures. Theirfore making Howard a very special school.


my classmates are people like myself at varying points in their lives. Through interactions with them in and outside of class i've come to learn more about the world around me and the people in it. They've helped me become more patient and understanding while broadening my scope of varying cultures and countries. I live my life with a more open mind and heart because of them.


Howard students tend to be very aggressive in their defense of Black culture and history. Howard students can never be accused of not knowing their history. Like you would find at any HBCU, Howard students tend to be conservative on issues like abortion and gay rights. Howard is tolerant of LGBT students, but I wouldn't call Howard "gay-friendly." One thing I love about Howard students is how lively the atmosphere is on campus. Often, you will find a DJ playing the latest songs in the dining hall and students dancing throughout. Howard students are politically aware, but not to the extent that Georgetown or George Washington students are. Most Howard students wouldn't know that Israel launched a major offensive against Palestine last winter. Some people don't even know how many officials there are in the United States Senate. Howard students are generally focused on the career they will pursue and much less on building their intellectual bona fides. I would say if you want classmates who talk about texts outside of class and who are passionate about human rights, you will feel out of place because most of the people here are about fashion, dating, and money.


my classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are very helpful and encouraging of one another.


My classmates are diverse; they are excentric yet reserved, urban yet rural, politically conscious yet party animals.


Eccentric, interesting and very out-spoken.


Very Diverse. everyone is similar yet different in our own ways. Conscious of the way we dress, whatever that means for each individual is different. Very Close knit group, yet some ways still separated. If a person gets involved, you never leave the inner circle of people, and you always have a family-like relationship with many people.


Some of my classmates are a lot older than I am ( about 4 years or more) and the majority are females.


My classmates looked like me and they were from all over the world. Most of all, my classmates were intellectual and insightful.


My classmates are tenaciously interactive with each other when it is appropriate. Many times after class, my classmates and I meet up for study hours during our break times. They also exemplify hard workers that to help each other out when it comes to a challenging subject. At the same time, when it comes time to take the tests, my classmates know the repercussions from plagiarizing. Of course, no one is perfect, so there are a few classmates that can be inappropriate during the whole hour, but for the most part my classmates try their hardest to succeed in class.


My classmates are very helpful, and often create bonds to get through courses each semester.


My classmates are truly an inspiration and help to the progression of my college career.


My classmates are bright, innovative, and friendly.


Many of my classmates are hard working students that appreciate the opportunity to learn and network, and who love the acedemic as well as social and cultural aspects found on campus and the surronding DC Metropolitan area.


Culturally aware. They are ready to change the world. All of them have so much to offer. Fashionable.


My classmates are helpful and in the same boat.


Unique group of individuals with diverse mindful views of Howard and the global community.


There were many students from different backgrounds, therefore it was very diverse and full of open-minded individuals!


They are fashion-forward, driven, intellectual, talented, and hilarious leaders of their communities.




My classmates are random and unique individuals that are driven towards their chosen careers.


My classmates are diverse in every sense of the word.


My classmates/peers are a positive aspect within the classroom. Majority of the students are on the same mindful and level headed learning as I am. Some may be brighter and smarter in some aspects, yet we are all focused on that one goal which is to gain more knowledge each and every day.


My classmates are helpful and concerned when it comes to making sure we all understand te coursework and if not then there are people who are willing to help.


My classmates tend to be interested in whatever major they're studying, but not the core requirements that the school recommends; although, the students pick the classes themselves.




Driven to achieve their own personal goals with little consideration of others.


My classmates are always there when I need them and help the long classes fly by.


Kind hearted but play into the black sterotype far too often.


They vary.


Eager to learn and assist one another when in need.


At Howard, everyone is accepted. That is one thing that I can definitely say about Howard. Howard is a big fashion school so students can be seen on the yard wearing the latest styles or their own unique style. There are many different clubs, groups, and organizations for different people including the NAACP, the LGBT community and many many more. Howard's student body is comprised of people from all over the world. There are a lot of students from the Dominican Republic, Africa, Jamaica, and of course all over the United States from California to Michigan to Georgia. The largest state clubs are the Georgia Club, Chicago Peoples Union, the California Club, and the Michigan Club.


The student body is great at howard. Only here do I believe that you cna meet someone from all 50 states in the United States, Africa, and the Islands. Thats one thing I like about Howard Student body because it gives you a chance to learn about different cultures and how people from different states may do different things.


Howard's a historically Black university, so its not too racially diverse, but there are a sprinkle of non-Black students, quite a few international students, and a lot of multicultural students. The only divides that exist are probably socio-economic and... I don't know, maybe just the divisons of cliques and Greeks and other organizations. A lot of people may feel out of place at Howard at first, but everyone usually finds somewhere to fit in pretty quickly. There aren't too many loners. Most students dress to kill for class. Most people stick to their own as far as interaction goes, although there's usually an oddball within certain groups. Howard students are from all over the place though, which is good because it doesn't make you feel like you're the only one new to the area, or the only one far from home. There's people from different states and people from different countries. Only a small fraction are from the area(DC/MD/VA). Most students seem to come from upper-class families, but a lot are middle-class. There aren't too many people from TRUE low-income homes. Some students are politically aware/active, while most simply pretend to be. I'd say most are left and center, but there are some rights. Everyone probablys assumes that we'll all be successful in the future.

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