Howard University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Because Howard University is a predominately black institution I think that someone who is not black might feel a little left out. Students are very politically aware and active.


There are so many clubs from political to state to social clubs.


I get the impression that most Howard students are middle class to upper middle class. The fact that it's an HBCU changes the whole racial dynamic, but there are cultural tensions between American students and international students (who are primarily from the Caribbean and Africa)at times. I think there's a niche for everyone here, or at least room to create one. Howard students generally consider themselves politically active and aware, but some consider us complacent (see a Washington Post piece by Courtland Milloy regarding "soul food Thursday" and a visit by Laura Bush).


a) My experiences have been great as I associate with many of them on campus. The diversity on a black campus is just as fruitful as on a mixed campus. The variety within our own race is abundant; we tend to lose sight of that. b) No student would feel out of place at Howard. Everyone finds the "group" that makes them feel at home. c) Students wear whatever they feel like. It's college, what'd you expect? d) Yes. e) First table is full of jocks. Second table is full of "pretty girls". Third table is full of the fashionably inclined. Fourth table is full of a mix of everyday people. f) There is no general group from a certain spot. However, as a Chicago native, there are A WHOLE BUNCH OF US who attend Howard.(Smiley Face) g) The financial background is mixed, but there are numerous spoiled brats whose parents pay for everything and you can see it in their value system, if they have one. The average student comes from a very average household, most of which have to work to make ends meet. But the mix is just that, a fairly distributed one. h) Not enough students are politically aware and we certainly aren't as active as we should be. i) I won't label the student body as the diversity in opinion and political perspective is so huge. j) Business students do, of course. Possibly other students too, but I'm not sure.

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